Advantage Subscriptions Give Your Members Maximum Visibility

When the right insurance shoppers are ready to buy, will they be able to find your agents? With Advantage, they will.

The Digital Advantage They Need

Advantage profiles strengthen your members' online presence and attracts the right business for them.

Advantage profiles are similar to Member Plus profiles, but have so much more strength and advantages. Advantage profiles will always be recommended first to insurance shoppers who visit Not to toot our own horn, but we’re a pretty big name when shopping for insurance online. We get over 7 million shoppers yearly visiting our site looking for insurance. With that many insurance shoppers on our site, your members will want to showcase the best possible profile prominently on With the upgraded levels of Platinum, Gold, and Chrome, your members receive year-round discounts on an Advantage subscription. 

  • Platinum - 15% off
  • Gold - 10% off
  • Chrome - 5% off

An agency Advantage Profile is actively recommended to real-time online insurance shoppers.

What does an Advantage Profile include?

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Get Revenue Share for your Association on Advantage Subscription Sales

We will give you a portion of our Advantage sales in your state.

When upgrading to Platinum or Gold levels, you qualify for revenue share of Advantage sales. To participate in revenue sharing, the state will agree to distribute content on four quarterly communications to all members (newsletter, email, etc.) that provides.

percent of revenue share
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