Free Member Plus Profiles

Give your members a leg up on local business through They’ll love you for it.

Tailored Profiles on

Let your members show customers what you’re all about and get the business you want.

The Member Plus profile is a customer’s first look at an agency, so it's important to make it sing. With this program, you can buy your members a customizable profile to help share their story with the world. Their profile allows them to:

  • Change their address and phone number
  • Link to their agency websites
  • Add their social media presence
  • Add logos and about us statement
  • Google optimized for more visibility

States who participate in the State SEO Partners Program Platinum, Gold, and Chrome levels receive unlimited profiles for their members. All-States Blue Level may purchase a bundle of 100 profiles for $3,000.

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Qualified Referrals and Business Management Options

Getting the right kind of referrals is the key to the game.

With our program, we pinpoint exactly the kind of referrals your members want. Plus, our business management tools make keeping track of their referrals a breeze with capabilities that include:

  • Eliminating undesired types of business
  • Adding carriers they work with
  • Agency management system (AMS) integrations
  • Sending referrals to the right producer
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A Pipeline Straight to Our Recommendation Engine

Member Plus gives agents the referrals they're looking for, without even looking.

Here's How it Works:

  1. Your member agents fill out their profiles and tell us what they want.
  2. Our consumers answer a few questions to tell us what kind of insurance they need. 
  3. Our recommendation engines matches their needs with the right agents. 
  4. Your agents celebrate. 
  5. Then steps 2-4 repeat. Over and over again.

We’re Here to Help With Any Questions

We put the help in help desk, ready to help your agents get up and running.

The whole process was designed to be as simple as possible, but hey, questions do happen. Our client success team is always ready to help answer any questions and help get your agents going in no time at all. They can walk your team through the entire process, if needed, and help them learn everything they need about growing their businesses.

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