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FACT: State SEO program customers received 65% more visits and 64% more referrals than non-customers.

Double-down on your marketing efforts

Get more coverage for your members’ buck with Platinum, Gold, Chrome.

At, we pursue a double-sided approach to marketing strategies for you and your members—one on a national level, the other on a state level through our State SEO program. As part of the All-States SEO program, the Blue level will receive basic lines of business pages (auto, home, and business) and basic city pages (determined by association membership). With Platinum, Gold, and Chrome, states will receive EXPANDED content for lines of business (life, workers comp, liability, more) and industry classes (bakery, hotel, farm, and more). 

National Coverage

This portion of our strategy focuses on all states, large cities, and cities where we have a lot advantage customers. To visualize this, a map of this approach looks something like this:

national map with capital cities

State Coverage

By joining our State SEO program, you increase your local digital footprint by picking the specific cities you’d like to focus on, increasing your coverage year over year. In fact, with our plan, your visibility grows and grows each year of your membership. 

state seo map cities
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More Visibility. More Business. Easy as that.

State SEO program participants get far more traffic, recommendations, and referrals than non-participants.

In a study comparing 17 participating and 17 non-participating states of similar size during the past 11 months of the 2019/20 program, we found that State SEO participating states drove:

  • 387,306 more traffic visits
  • 657,927 more agency recommendations
  • 8,624 more business referrals
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    Different content plans for the different levels

    A plan that fits your state's needs.
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    brentwood workers' comp
    tennessee umbrealla insurance
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    Agent and Agency Spotlights

    Giving your members more visibility with a human element.
    agent spotlight stewart hudson
    jones agency spotlight
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    Association Spotlight

    The great ways that state associations support communities and educate consumers on why working with an independent agent is a great insurance move.
    association spotlight
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    SEO is an Investment: The Florida Story

    4 years + 80 communities = Incredible Results.

    Our State SEO program is more like an investment in multiple phases. The first year is getting your agents established in the digital marketplace, followed by additional years that increase exposure. Each year you see more, and more, and more results that your agents will love.

    A few quick facts about SEO Marketing:

    • SEO begins to kick in as time goes on
    • The money you invest in your first year pays increasing dividends as the years go on
    • SEO-generated referrals cost far less than traditional marketing

    State SEO Reporting Dashboards

    See your investment’s progress in monthly and quarterly reports.

    Monthly Dashboard Reports

    Gives you traffic reports, referral figures, agency impressions, and advantage subscription details.

    Quarterly State SEO Scorecards

    Helps you keep track of the visibility progress in your state, a second view of your investment in action.

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