Boat Trailer Insurance

(And how you can easily find the right coverage)


If you are in the market for a boat trailer, you probably have a lot of questions, such as how to safely transport your vessel and how to protect yourself against loss and theft. 

Many people are unsure about the coverage they need, and whether their boat trailer can be covered with their vehicle insurance or boat insurance.

Getting information about boat trailer insurance doesn't have to be difficult. A local, independent agent in our network can help. 

One of these agents, right in your area, can assess your insurance needs and help you find affordable coverage. Contact an agent today to get started.

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Save on Trailer Insurance

Our independent agents shop around to find you the best coverage.

Facts About Boat Trailers

  • A boat trailer should be approximately 2 feet longer than the boat you haul with it.
  • Boats weigh significantly more when fully fueled (6.5 pounds per gallon); you also need to consider the weight of anything else you carry on the boat.
  • You may need a tandem-axle trailer if your boat is too heavy for a single-axle trailer.
  • Boat trailers either come painted or galvanized. Painted trailers are susceptible to corrosion from saltwater and should only be used for boats in freshwater lakes or rivers.

What Is Boat Trailer Insurance and What Does It Cover?

Boat trailer insurance is a specialized type of vehicle insurance policy that applies to trailers specially built to transport a boat safely from a home to a lake, river or ocean. 

Some boat trailers can be covered as a special rider attached to a vehicle or homeowners’ policy, but because these items are so specialized in terms of how they’re used, it is often a good idea to get separate trailer coverage.

Boat trailer insurance generally covers damage to the trailer, whether it’s stored at home or at a recreation area. Your policy can also cover theft as well as liability coverage in the event that your trailer causes damage to another vehicle, trailer or boat or injures another person.

What If I Already Have Boat Insurance?

Whether your trailer is covered under your boat policy depends on many factors. Insurance coverage varies by state and by individual policy, so it’s important to check the fine print on your boat insurance

Some boat policies extend to the trailer as long as a boat is on the trailer; sometimes not. If you want your trailer covered, but it’s not specifically covered in the policy, you’ll likely have to pay a little extra to extend your coverage.

Can My Trailer Be Covered by My Auto or Homeowners Policy?

Your boat trailer may have some coverage under your auto policy or homeowners policy. However, that coverage may not be adequate to protect your investment in your trailer under all circumstances. 

Some auto policies will cover the trailer, provided the trailer is attached to an insured vehicle. Homeowners’ insurance can usually cover a trailer provided it is stored at the home.

Since coverage on a home and on a vehicle is different, you may have gaps in coverage for your trailer if you rely on either policy in the event of a loss. 

Check the fine print and talk with a local agent to see if your trailer is covered and how much a boat trailer insurance policy will cost.

Do Boat Trailers Face Additional Risks?

One of the greatest concerns of boaters is theft. Typically, you will haul your boat to the nearby waterway, get your boat into the water at the boat launch, and then park and leave your boat trailer unattended in a parking lot. 

Trailer theft is unfortunately somewhat common, because it is not that difficult for someone to unhitch your trailer and haul it away. Also, if the area where you park your trailer is susceptible to severe weather, your trailer may be at risk of damage.

Is Boat Trailer Insurance Required, and Do I Really Need It?

No state requires you to have boat trailer insurance, but that doesn’t mean that it isn’t a wise investment. As with most insurance, whether you need to insure your boat trailer really depends on many factors, including the value of the trailer, how old it is, how often you use it and whether you have the financial resources to replace it. 

Evaluating those factors can help you determine whether boat trailer insurance makes sense for you.

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Save on Trailer Insurance

Our independent agents shop around to find you the best coverage.

How to Compare Boat Trailer Insurance Quotes

You can meet face-to-face with an independent agent in our network to get information about available coverage in your area and compare quotes on boat trailer insurance. Your local agent can discuss your particular situation and help you determine if boat trailer insurance is right for you.

Agents in our network are independent, which means they can research quotes from a number of insurance companies to find the right fit for you. Find an independent agent near you and get started comparing boat trailer insurance today.

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