Dune Buggy Insurance

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Dune Buggy Insurance

If you are an outdoor enthusiast who likes to blast your way across rough terrain, you may be in the market for an all-terrain vehicle. If you like sand or beaches as your off-road surface of choice, then you’re probably looking at a dune buggy, sand rail or beach buggy.

While you probably won’t be using this vehicle on the street, if you have some money invested in it and you plan to use it somewhere frequented by other dune buggy drivers, it's a good idea to consider insurance. 

But how and where can you find a policy for a specialized vehicle like a dune buggy? Fortunately, you can find a local independent agent  who can do all the research for you. Your agent can find dune buggy insurance coverage at competitive rates that will fit your needs and budget.

ATV and Dune Buggy Stats

Dune buggies, like all all-terrain vehicles (ATVs), have inherent risks linked to them. As you consider whether you need to carry dune buggy insurance coverage, consider the following statistics about accidents on ATVs:

  • There were an estimated 81,800 injuries requiring emergency treatment from ATV accidents in 2018.
  • Children under 16 accounted for 1 in 10 deaths from ATV accidents in 2016.

What Does Dune Buggy Insurance Cover?

While insurance companies tend to consider dune buggy, beach buggy or sand rail insurance a specialized form of insurance, the coverage is quite similar to motorcycle and street vehicle insurance policies, with slight differences accounting for the off-road nature of these vehicles. 

In off-road scenarios, there is no set flow of traffic, and drivers follow very different rules of the road.

The various coverage types include:

  • Liability: Covers your costs when you are at fault in an accident.
  • Comprehensive: Pays for damage to your vehicle if hit by an object, damaged by weather, or stolen.
  • Collision: Pays for damage to your vehicle in an accident.
  • Uninsured/underinsured motorist coverage: Pays when the other driver is at fault and does not have sufficient coverage to pay for your claim.

You can typically buy additional coverage for things like medical costs and coverage for your gear. Some insurance companies offer coverage for custom accessories for your buggy, like special tires or a light rack for night driving.

Is Dune Buggy or Sand Rail Insurance Required?

Because dune buggies and sand rails are not usually driven on the street, most states do not require that an operator carry insurance. 

However, if you do want to drive your dune buggy on the road, you will be required to make it street legal by your state’s motor vehicle division. To that end, your state is likely to require at least some minimal amount of liability coverage.

Even if it is not required, the benefits of insurance can be well worth the price. Dune buggy insurance tends to be affordable and can rescue you financially if you cause an accident that badly injures another person or damages their property. 

Especially if you are exposed to expenses from a lawsuit, this insurance can be beneficial to your bottom line. Dune buggy insurance can help you cover a number of hazards you face as a rider, and can provide peace of mind.

How Much Does Dune Buggy or Sand Rail Insurance Cost?

In some ways, dune buggies or sand rails could be considered stunt vehicles because of the terrain they cover and the risks involved in driving on rough terrain around other people and vehicles. 

There are several factors that determine the rates you will pay for dune buggy insurance, including:

  • The age and value of the vehicle
  • Whether it is outfitted to be street legal
  • How often you use your vehicle
  • Whether you take it out of state
  • The insurance company you choose and the amount of insurance you buy

An independent insurance agent can do the research to find the right coverage for your vehicle, and will provide free quotes for you to compare.

Where Do I Find Dune Buggy Insurance?

Dune buggy or sand rail insurance is specialized, and due to the risks riders face, some insurance companies won’t provide coverage. A local independent insurance agent can be an excellent resource for hard-to-find insurance policies. 

These agents have access to a number of different insurance companies and can quickly research which companies will cover your dune buggy and at what cost.

Your agent can also answer any questions you might have about dune buggy insurance and the amount of coverage that is appropriate for the value of your vehicle and your specific circumstances. Find a local independent agent today to get personalized assistance.

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