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Camp Insurance Makes Everyone a Happy Camper

Kids love to go to camp and enjoy their favorite sports, explore the outdoors, or hang out with their friends from the youth group. As the supervisor or director of the camp, you have more than fun to think about. You have to make sure everyone is safe and you need to protect yourself from potential liabilities and lawsuits. When you have the proper camp insurance you can be as carefree and happy as the campers.

Find an independent agent in the Trusted Choice® network today. An independent agent can help you compare multiple camp insurance policies and rates so you can find the coverage that fit your needs.

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3 Kinds of Camp Risk

  • Premise liability: Camp owners have a responsibility to review its activities and inspect facilities to reduce the risk of camper injuries. 
  • Failure to perform background checks liability: Camp owners have a responsibility to perform backgrounds checks on employees, volunteers, or counselors concerning child and sexual abuse. If they do not, they can be held liable for the acts of the abuser at camp.
  • Risk of injury liabilities: Camp owners have some responsibility for camper injuries unless a wavier has been signed for higher risk activities like tackle football.

Reducing Your Risk Exposure with Camp Insurance

Camp is supposed to be fun, but there are also many risks, from camper injuries to employee misconduct or negligence. A solid summer camp insurance policy will go a long way toward protecting you from most of the liability issues you face and the cost of accidental injuries that happen to campers or staff. Your camp may also be your business, so make sure you cover the risks associated with the business operations of the camp as well.

A comprehensive camp insurance policy provides you general liability and accidental medical coverage, as well as property damage, workers compensation and business interruption coverages.

Protecting Campers and Staff with Accidental Medical Insurance

Kids will be kids.  Accidents often happen at camp, but an accidental medical group insurance policy can provide compensation for the appropriate medical care when that time comes. Group accidental medical coverage usually covers injuries or sicknesses that happen while at camp, or injuries and sicknesses that start at camp but continue for an extended period of time afterwards.

Some policies will cover dental injuries as medical expenses. These policies normally come in two packages: a primary medical coverage and one that pays excess benefits for those already insured by individual personal insurance.  Here's an illustration of the differences:


  • Necessary for groups that may not already have accident or health insurance
  • Pays claims first after an accident
  • Pays covered claims even if you have other insurance


  • Generally, covers personal plan deductibles, coinsurance or expenses left over after your personal plan pays claims
  • Applicable to groups who are already covered by other insurance
  • Pays out for coverage even after your personal coverage pays
  • Coverage is not as extensive as your personal insurance

You can choose to cover staff and campers with the accidental medical policy or just campers. Typically, this insurance covers all sponsored and supported activities of the camp and travel to and from camp activities, unless otherwise excluded in your policy.

Covering Camp Liabilities

A key part of your camp coverage is a general liability policy. This policy provides the following risk protections:

  • Bodily injury: Covers you if someone is injured on your premises or due to the operation of the camp and you are held legally responsible for resulting medical treatment costs and pain and suffering charges.
  • Property liability: Covers property damage caused to a third party by you, your employees or your camp operations.
  • Medical payments: Pays medical expenses of those injured on your property. Normally excludes camp participants.

Insurance for Everyone.

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Insuring Sports Camps

One of the most popular types of summer camps is a sports camp. Many colleges, schools and local organizations offer a variety of sports camps, such as basketball, soccer, football, volleyball and so on. These policies normally include group accidental medical coverage that is customized to the specific sport. Some camps may also require waivers to be signed by participants if there is a reasonable expectation of injury.

Basketball camps are particularly popular.  Participants in basketball camps can have a range of ages and abilities.  These events can be in a day-camp format or a sleepver-type camp for high school-aged players looking to develop skills for college recruiters.  Camps may be run by athletes, coaches, or volunteers from the community.  Make sure if you're running a basketball camp, you've considered purchasing adequate medical coverage for your staff and participants, as well as general liability insurance for the court, the lockerroom, and any lodging you might be offering.  It's best to talk to an independent agent to make sure you've got all the coverage you need to offer this event to the public safely.

Obviously, a participant at golf camp does not have as a high a risk for a major injury as a camper at a full-contact football camp. All these injury risks are taken into consideration and can affect the cost of the insurance you need. Some injuries due to high risk activities may be excluded on some policies, so be sure to consult with your Trusted Choice member agent for details.

Protecting Your Business Interests

The final type of insurance that can be an asset to a camp is a business owners insurance policy (BOP). Here is an overview of the protections you will likely need:

  • Business Loss of Income: Replaces your income if your camp operations are interrupted for a covered loss; includes paying wages to employees and other operating expenses
  • Commercial Vehicle: Covers your cars, buses, trucks or other camp vehicles used for business purposes; normally includes liability and property damage protections
  • Workers Compensation: Covers your employees if they are injured, become ill or die as a result of job-related activities; pays for medical treatment and covers lost wages if the employee cannot return to work

Finding the Right Camp Insurance Policy

The right summer camp insurance gives you the peace of mind you need to relax and enjoy yourself all summer long. An independent agent in the Trusted Choice network can help you fit all the appropriate camp insurance coverages to your specific needs at a cost that makes sense for your budget.

Find an agent in your area to get competitive camp insurance quotes that can meet your needs and budget.  You'll be glad you made the choice to work with an independent agent who can get you a range of insurance options from top-rated insurance companies.

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