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Living in a small state can mean limited space for housing. Purchasing land is always an option, but it often comes with a premium. And some residents have no desire to live in a large city. If you have a piece of land and want an affordable place to call home, a mobile or manufactured home is a great option. Today’s models are structurally sound and come with many of the same amenities offered with traditional houses. Still, mobile homes typically require a different type of insurance specifically developed to deal with the risks of a house built within a factory and then transported to their final location.

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Resident-Owned Mobile Home Communities

  • Meredith Center Cooperative (Meredith, NH)
  • Greenville Estates (Greenville, NH)
  • Country Ridge Cooperative (Rochester, NH)
  • Ashley Park Cooperative (Suncook, NH)
  • Wagon Wheel Tenants Cooperative (Londonderry, NH)

What Is New Hampshire Mobile Home Insurance?

This is a specific type of insurance geared to the needs of mobile home dwellers. While mobile homes are similar to standard homes, mobile homes pose slightly different risks. For example, because the home is mobile, if you move addresses, you can take your house with you. This is a huge benefit, but it also presents challenges. Was your home damaged while moving it? Do you have your home properly anchored to the ground? A mobile home insurance policy can help you deal with these specific situations.

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How Much New Hampshire Mobile Home Insurance Do You Need?

Insurance is one of the best investments you can make, other than purchasing your home. If you lease your home, your mortgage company may require insurance, but if you own your mobile home outright, you may not have to have insurance. It could depend on whether you live in a community or on private land. Knowing just how much insurance you need is the key to having the best protection possible. If you aren’t properly insured, the cost of repairs could come out of your own pocket.

Typically, single-section mobile homes should have, at minimum, $30,000 worth of structural insurance, and double-section homes should have $45,000. Of course, this is subject to variation depending on the value of your home and the cost to rebuild. You also have to consider your personal belongings. A percentage of your total home value is included with your policy as protection for personal belongings, but that may not be enough if you have many valuable items. You can schedule your high-value items, which individually account for them on your policy. Ask your insurance agent for details.

New Hampshire Mobile Home Insurance Coverage Options

A mobile home policy covers more than the physical structure of your home:

  • Liability insurance: This is a huge benefit to any homeowner. Accidents happen and if you cause one, you’re held responsible for bodily injury or property damage. The injured party has the right to make a claim with the insurance company for damages. Sometimes, a liability case may end up in court. This portion of your insurance will help pay for defense costs.
  • Property damage: This will help pay for repairs or even rebuilding due to damage to the property.
  • Medical payments: This will help pay for medical expenses due to injuries suffered on your property.
  • Personal property: This portion pays to replace damaged or stolen personal property.

Insure Your Mobile Home Now

Purchasing a New Hampshire mobile home policy is a serious decision, but it can be confusing. With the help of an independent agent, you can secure a policy that is affordable and reliable. Let an agent compare New Hampshire mobile home insurance quotes for you.

It only takes a few moments to find an independent agent right in your area, so contact an agent right away for your quotes.

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