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Segway fall kills segway company owner

As Segways and electric scooters grow in popularity as a convenient means of transportation around large cities, so does the rate of injuries. If you have purchased a Segway, you are probably wondering whether you need insurance for it. Is there a risk of accidents? Can you get coverage to replace your Segway if it is stolen? 

Thankfully, there's insurance coverage out there for just about anyone who uses a Segway, and companies that own them, that can really pay off in the long run. Click on this independent agent matching tool to find the best insurance solution in your area. Provide a few details about what you're looking for, and the tool will recommend the best agents for you. Any information you provide will be sent only to the agent you pick.

Facts about Segways

Here are some helpful facts about Segways that will shed some light on the popularity, usage, and potential risks involved with riding these high-tech scooters. Facts like these are used in insurance companies calculations when they write policies and offer specific coverage to consumers.

  • The estimated number of Segways worldwide is about 80,000.
  • The Segway’s top speed is about 12.5 mph – about 3 times faster than human walking speed.
  • More than 30 states have made it legal to use Segways as a means of transportation.

Ensure Your Safety on a Segway

One study indicated that Segway injuries were surprisingly serious. Of patients who used emergency medical services with Segway injuries, 20% were admitted to the hospital for treatment. 

This is higher than the admission rate for pedestrians struck by moving cars. Most Segway injuries are the result of falling off the vehicle or running into lamp posts, parked cars, benches, walls, or other inanimate objects.

A Segway’s top speed is considerably faster than that of a person walking. Additionally, it requires a great deal of balance and body control to maneuver them properly. Therefore, the risks of falling off or steering improperly are high, especially for novice users.

If you have recently purchased a Segway, be conscientious about wearing a helmet. It may also be a good idea to purchase Segway insurance to cover possible injuries or damage to the scooter or to another person’s property.

Is Segway Insurance Required? 

By law, no. You do not need any specific insurance in order to ride a Segway, but it might not be a bad idea to purchase some anyway. Anytime you're riding around on two wheels, you're at higher risk of getting injured, as shown by the stats above, so having some insurance can protect you against large medical bills. And what happens if you hit someone else while on your Segway? You'd be responsible for their injuries as well. It's also a smart idea to purchase coverage to replace your Segway or its parts should it be damaged. 

What Does Segway Insurance Cover?

Since a pre-built Segway insurance package doesn't technically exist, you can choose to build your Segway insurance to include whatever you might need. Consider the following coverages when working with your independent insurance agent:

  • Bodily injury and property damage insurance: Covers any damage you cause to someone else or their property while operating your Segway.
  • Comprehensive and collision damage insurance: Pays for repairs or replacement if your Segway is damaged, stolen, or vandalized.
  • Medical payments coverage: Pays for any personal medical bills resulting from an accident, no matter who was at fault.
  • Accessories and custom parts coverage: Provides protection and coverage for upgrades and the addition of custom parts to your Segway.
  • Uninsured/underinsured motorist insurance: Protects you and your Segway should you be involved in a collision with an uninsured or underinsured motorist. 

Finding Segway Insurance

Segway insurance is available from some carriers. Because the “human transporter” industry is still in its infancy, not all insurance companies offer Segway insurance yet. Companies that do carry Segway insurance will differ as to the exclusions and cost of premiums they offer. 

Some carriers consider a Segway to be similar to a snowmobile for the purpose of determining insurance rates. If you are a new owner, you may want to explore what types of coverage are available to you.

Online Segway Insurance – Available, Not Ideal

Those interested in buying Segway insurance can certainly find it by performing an online search. However, this may take a great deal of time and patience, since it will require contacting many different insurance carriers. Again, not all carriers provide Segway insurance, and those who do may charge more than you are willing to pay.

By combining several policies together under one insurance company, you're likely to get the best rates and customer service.

How to Ride a Segway

The Segway has many safety features that help users operate it without injury and ride safely over many types of terrain. It can operate on flat surfaces, such as blacktop or concrete, as well as more rugged terrain, such as grass, scrubland, sand, and gravel.

It has three primary operating speeds: Beginner, Sidewalk, and Open Area. The Beginner level has a top speed of 6 mph, while the Sidewalk level can move at 8 mph and has a medium turning rate. The Segway’s Open Area level has a top speed of 12.5 mph and offers the most sensitive turning rate.


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Whether you are considering buying a Segway for personal use, or you plan to purchase a dozen Segways for your plant or warehouse, it's a good idea to shop around for Segway insurance quotes. 

You can search for coverage online, or by calling around. Just make sure you're working with highly rated insurance agencies and agents who understand Segway use and the conditions where you live. 

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