Massage Therapy Insurance

(For when you accidentally massage that knot a little too hard)

photo of woman getting a massage

Stiff necks, knotty shoulders and strained backs will bring people straight to a massage table. As a massage therapist, it's your job to relieve the tension, cure aches and pains. But what if something bad happens to you, your patient, or your practice before, after, or while you're working miracles? 

We know that your magical hands are the moneymakers, so protecting them and your business should be a priority. Our independent agents are here to work out the kinks of searching for reliable insurance and will handpick a selection of top policies for you.

What Is Massage Therapy Insurance?

At its core, massage therapy insurance is coverage that will protect you, your patients, and your business in the unexpected event of an injury or accident. These policies help your business stay standing when other people may be trying to push it over. 

Is Massage Therapy Insurance Mandatory?

In some states, message therapy insurance is mandatory, but even if it’s not mandatory, not having insurance is like leaving your business door unlocked 24/7 and hoping no one ever breaks in. Hint: someone is going to break in and steal all your really cool zen stuff. 

Why Does A Massage Therapist Need Insurance?

Why do football players need to wear helmets? Each time a patient lies face down on your massage table, they’re probably wondering what the heck you’re doing in between them laying down and you starting your massage, but you’re also putting yourself in a position for a lawsuit.
Bad things can happen if you don’t have message therapy insurance:

  • Financial loss: Without insurance, a malpractice and personal injury lawsuit can bankrupt your massage therapy business.
  • Asset loss: If a patient decides to sue you, they could not only go for your money but in some cases your non-business related assets such as your home, car, etc.
  • Reputation loss: A large portion of massage therapy success comes from word of mouth. One bad mistake can be the downfall of your business. 

Insurance also protects your patients. There’s nothing relaxing about accidentally getting injured or having an allergic reaction to an oil during a massage. When all parties are protected, good things happen. 

What Does Massage Therapist Insurance Cover?

There are three main types of insurance that massage therapists need: general liability, professional liability, and business property liability. 

  • General liability: Coverage for any accidents that occur before or after treatment. If Suzie comes in for her massage and trips over the cord to your lava lamp, she can sue you for personal injury.
  • Professional liability: The most basic form of personal protection from lawsuits. If you decide to use hot stones on Suzie but they’re so hot they burn Suzie’s skin, she could sue you for malpractice. 
  • Business property liability: Protection for your furnishings and assets. If your lava lamp catches on fire it can burn down your office including your possessions inside. 

Whether an accident is a result of a slip and fall on your property, faulty products like oils, blanket heaters, lotions, etc. or just from going a little too deep on that knot, the above insurances will cover the following: 

  • Medical costs
  • Lost income
  • Punitive damages
  • Property damage including furnishings and decor
  • Legal fees
  • Building structure loss

Do I Need Massage Therapy Insurance If I Work from My Home?

If you practice massage therapy from within your home you may need additional coverage in addition to general liability insurance. You’ll want to research an in-home business policy that will provide coverage for business-related visitors and workspaces and coverage for your workspace, equipment, tools, cash and products. 

How Much Does Massage Therapy Insurance Cost?

Massage therapy insurance is very affordable and can start at as little as $250 a year that would include property, general, and professional liability coverage. Depending on the limits selected and the property values that are needed the insurance increases from there. 

Why Are Independent Agents So Awesome?

Your assets and your business are not something to mess around with.  Massage therapy can be provided from a variety of places; office, rented space, home, hotels, spa, etc. 

Depending on where you practice will determine the insurance you need. Our independent agents can help you get the best insurance needed for your business, and we won’t even ask for a free massage in return. 

How Do I Compare Massage Therapist Insurance Quotes?

Our enlightened agents will review your needs and help you evaluate the best massage therapy insurance for you. Just like you want your patients to leave your massage table feeling relaxed, rejuvenated, and ready to conquer the day, we want you to enter your business feeling the same. So sit back and let an independent agent take care of things, and for once you can do the relaxing.  

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