M D Iverson Group LLC

8420 Senoia Road, Suite 208, Fairburn  GA  30213
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About Us

We believe you do not need to be sold, you need to be informed. We have been chosen by many of the best to help them navigate the insurance industry and we have made it our mission to reshape the very essence of our industry. Our clients are bright, forward thinking and demand a partner who can help them think differently. They realize to accomplish what they have never accomplished, they must do what they have never done. Whether it is helping you understand how critical replacing the word "and"​ with an "or"​ in an insurance contract or evaluate when it makes sense to self insure, the M D Iverson Group's goal is to make the complex easy. Insurance is the most expensive item you will ever purchase with the hope of never using.


8420 Senoia Road Suite 208 , Fairburn GA 30213