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  2.  » Profile: Commercial Lines Settings

Profile: Commercial Lines Settings

Let online consumers who visit know that you offer Commercial Lines Coverage.
August 1, 2021

If you’ve indicated that you offer Commercial Lines on the Basic tab of your agency profile, then you will want to review these settings to make sure your agency gets the types of referrals you really want.

1) Press the Edit Agency Profile button

This puts your profile in edit mode. Now you can edit and fill out the fields.

2) Review and complete the fields on the page

The following sections can be found on the Commercial Lines settings page:

Lines of Business

This field indicates the specific lines you offer and controls the types of referrals that are sent to you. The most common commercial insurance lines are selected automatically for you. If you do not offer one of the lines of business selected for you, just click the “x” next to that item to remove it. If you are an Advantage subscriber you can also use the drop down box to add additional lines.

Consumer Business Sizes

If you want to receive referrals based on from businesses size, check the box next to the employer sizes you desire. The more you select, the more opportunities for referrals you will have. Advantage subscribers can opt to receive referrals from businesses of all sizes. Member Basic and Member Plus subscribers business size options are limited to filtering up to 30 employees.

Years in Business

Some agencies like to work with new businesses, some prefer more established businesses. You can indicate your preference for business age by checking the box next to the years in business you prefer to work with. The more you select, the more opportunities for referrals you will have. Advantage subscribers can opt to receive referrals from businesses of all ages. Member Basic and Member Plus subscribers can select from new business up to 3 years old.

Consumer Insurance Situations (exclusively for Advantage subscribers)

Do you prefer to only serve businesses that are currently insured? Indicating your preference here will ensure that only businesses matching these criteria will be sent to you.

Industries Served

Use the Appetite Engine™ to select the industries your agency prefers to work with. By default, all industries are selected for you. You can turn industries on and off using the switch button. Advantage subscribers can further select industries based on the 6-digit NAICS code by pressing the Choose Business Types button and then searching for the industries they would like to turn on or off. Remember, the more industries you have turned on, the more referrals you are eligible to receive.

Referral Email (exclusively for Advantage Professional subscribers)

All referrals are sent to the email address you entered in the Agency Contact Email field on the Basic tab of your profile. However, you can also have commercial lines referral emails specifically sent to an additional email address using the Referral Email field on the Commercial Lines tab. Remember, it’s important to use the email of a person who will be available to immediately respond to incoming requests. The faster you respond, the less likely the consumer will be to contact another agent.

Carrier Appointments (exclusively for Advantage subscribers)

Get ranked higher in search results on by indicating the carriers you are appointed with! If the carrier you select is also a member carrier, your agency will be ranked higher than agencies who are not appointed by member carriers.

3) Save your changes

Great! Now you’re ready to go on to the next section!

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