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  2.  » Profile: Team Members List

Profile: Team Members List

Display team members on your agency profile and manage their access to referrals and profile administration.
July 30, 2021

Advantage subscribers can use the Team Members feature to display team members on their agency profile and/or to give people account access to work with referrals and manage agency information.

1) Click the Team Members link in the menu


2) Review the list of team members shown

We have pre-populated your team member list with information from the IIABA database for your convenience. However, if you haven’t updated your information with IIABA in awhile, you might notice that there are people listed who are no longer with the company, or maybe some newer people that are missing.

Here’s some quick tips on how to update your Team Members list:

Delete a Team Member
Locate the team member you wish to delete in the list. Then, click the delete icon in the last column of that row.

Edit an Existing Team Member
To edit a team member’s information and settings, locate that person’s name in the list and then click anywhere in that row. You will be taken to that team member’s settings page.

Add a Team Member
Click the Add Team Member button near the top of the screen. You will be shown a blank team member setting page. Complete the information for the new team member and press the Create button. Note, you are only required to enter the name, email address and role to add a new team member. However, if you will be displaying this team member on your profile, you will want to complete all the fields and upload a profile image.

Display Team Members on your Agency Profile
If you want a team member to be shown on your agency profile, check the Show team member on agency profile check box before saving. Team members are listed in alphabetical order on your profile by default but you can change the order that they appear from the Team Members list and clicking the up/down arrows in the Profile Order column.


3) Save your changes

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