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What are Claim-it Referrals?

Claim-it Referrals are high-quality, exclusive, digital insurance referrals from prospects actively seeking an agent. Here's how they work.
January 29, 2020
What Is Claim-it?

Claim-it® Referrals—included with Advantage Professional—are high-intent, appetite-matching, exclusive, inbound opportunities from insurance buyers actively searching for an independent agent to work with. Here’s how you can start claiming the insurance industry’s hottest referrals.

So how does Claim-it work?

When an agent is onboarded for Claim-it, we ensure they are signed up to receive notifications by text or email when a Claim-it Referral matching their unique business appetite in their area rolls in. To help them determine whether a referral is a good match for their appetite, each notification allows agents a glimpse at the Claim-it Referral information. Agents will see a brief rundown on the referral, like:

  • Line of business
  • Insurance type
  • Location
  • And more

By clicking the link in the notification, the agent is redirected to, where they can purchase a Claim-it Referral for a nominal fee. Claim-it Referrals are exclusive. Once a referral is purchased, no other agent can compete for the referral or see the referral information.

Think of Claim-it like the Uber of the insurance industry. An online insurance prospect in your area expresses interest in buying insurance, and we alert you via a notification on your mobile device. With just the push of a button, you claim a referral exclusively for yourself much like an Uber driver claims a trip.

Why should I become a Claim-it agent?

Our Claim-it program is growing at an exponential rate, and you can get in front of the more than 13,000 online insurance prospects who have entered the Claim-it pool in just the past few months. See the numbers for yourself in the graph below:

Growth of Claim-it Referrals in the past year

Each Claim-it Referral is carefully curated to suit your business appetite and get you connected with interested, real-time prospects who are waiting to speak with an agent. In fact, our current Claim-it producers report a 50%-60% closing rate on average with Claim-it Referrals.

Pricing & Signing Up

All Advantage Professional subscribers are able to access Claim-it Referrals. With our Claim-it feature, you can connect instantly with real people who have real insurance needs.

Pricing is as follows:

  • Life & Annuities – $10
  • Personal Lines – $17
  • Commercial Lines – $24

To Sign up to Receive Claim-it Referrals:

With an Advantage Professional subscription, signing up to receive Claim-it Referrals only takes 30 seconds of your time at no additional cost to you. Sign up for Claim-it Referral notifications here.

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