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Customize Your Claim-it Settings

Jen Frey

This is a quick video to help you to get logged in, set up your appetite, set up notifications, and set up your personal payments so you can start claiming referrals right away with Claim-it.
Published: August 18, 2023


0:00 Introduction and Logging In

You’re going to want to open a browser window and go to

This is one of the ways that you’ll be able to log into your agent portal with us.

Once you load, in the upper right there’s a login link. Click that. That’ll take you to your login. Once you’re at the login screen, type in the email address associated with your account. You can always use your Big “I” credentials if you know those to log in as well.

Enter your password. If you’re unsure of your password, you can always use the forgot password link. This will send a reset password email. Sometimes this gets stuck in your spam folder. So if you don’t see it, be sure to check spam.

0:27 Updating Account Information

Once logged in you’ll be brought to your agent portal. And this is the dashboard for your agency to get to your personal settings for Claim-it.

You’re going to want to go to the settings menu in the upper right. From here, you can see all these links that are associated with your personal settings. Click Account Information. You can review this. There’s the required fields. Those are already filled in for you. You can update your email if needed and enter a mobile phone.

Mobile phone is useful if you’re going to want to receive Claim-it Referrals and opportunities through text notifications. So we suggest you go in here and enter your mobile phone number. The direct office phone number is useful because any time you purchase a Claim-it Referral, that consumer is sent an email and we send them your phone number in that email. This is the contact information that the consumer will receive if you purchase a Claim-it Referral. So go ahead and put that in here. It can be the same as your mobile phone or it can be a direct office line, whatever number you’d like to have publicized here.

If you don’t enter anything here, it will revert back to sending the agency phone number to a Claim-it Referral that you purchase.

Once your done editing your Account Information, make sure you Save.

1:02 Verifying Your Phone Number

When you’ve entered a new mobile phone number, you’ll to need to verify that your phone number will accept SMS notifications from You can go ahead and verify that now. It’s real quick. What’s going to happen is it’s going to send you a text message to the number you’ve entered, and you’ll just have to enter the confirmation code that’s sent to you. And then, enter that and then hit authorize SMS.

If you don’t do it right away, a banner will show at the top, notifying you that you still need to verify your phone number in order to receive text notifications from us. You can do that at any time.

2:04 Customizing Notification Settings

Let’s move over to the Notifications tab from here. You’re going to want to make sure you turn on email notifications and text notifications.

These are the notifications you’ll get for Claim-it opportunities that fit your appetite within your location. So make sure those are toggled on. Once those are on, you can move down a little bit and you’ll notice some other settings. These have to do with text notifications. So this first one defaults to 24 hours a day. Select your time zone and if you want to include weekends. This is how often you’ll receive Claim-it opportunities via text.

The next section is an area where you can set the location of where you receive Claim-it referral notifications from. The default is statewide, so you’ll receive notifications of any Claim-it opportunity within your entire state, or you can go ahead and enter the radius from which you want to receive notifications from and the starting point of that radius is the agency address. Again, make sure you save. You’ll notice I still have to verify my mobile phone number. So make sure you do that in order to receive text messages from us.

4:26 Adjusting Your Appetite

The next step is looking at your appetite. When you first set up an account with us, you’ll be set up with personal lines, commercial lines, and life and annuities. The appetite in each of these categories is wide open, meaning we’re going to send you every opportunity that comes into our system within your state. So you can go through these and tighten up the appetite to the areas that you would like to receive notifications for opportunities.

Looking at the personal lines settings first. You customize estimated premium amounts, what line of businesses you want, consumer insurance situation. Look those over. Click save when you’ve changed any settings there.

Same thing with commercial lines, By default, you’re given every single possible, opportunity appetite. So we can go through the premiums, the line of businesses, consumer business size, years in business, and consumer insurance situations. For commercial lines, you can also customize the specific industries you want to receive commercial lines referrals from. Save if you make any changes.

Life and Annuities is the same idea. Go through these appetite settings and change as necessary.

6:01 Setting Up Personal Payment

Next up is Claim-it personal payment. We suggest you try to set up as soon as you can so that you have a credit card on file and when you’re receiving the Claim-it opportunity, you have the ability to purchase it right away.

So you can enter your credit card information here, click save, and you are set.

All right, that’s it. Hope you are ready to start claiming. If you have any questions at all, give our Client Success team a call or an email. Thanks and good luck!

About the author

Jen Frey is the VP of Product Strategy at, with a tenure spanning nearly 7 years. Based in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, she began her career over 20 years ago in UI/UX design and later transitioned into Product Strategy and Management. She strives to prioritize and craft product features that enhance customer satisfaction across the company's product suite while aligning with business objectives. Her close collaboration with internal stakeholders and commitment to customer-centric product development benefits Independent Agents, carrier partners, and insurance buyers.

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