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  1. IA Advantage Blog
  2.  » What Are High-Intent Insurance Prospects and How Can I Attract Them to My Agency?

What Are High-Intent Insurance Prospects and How Can I Attract Them to My Agency?

Targeting high-intent insurance prospects is the key to building a reliable book of business — but what exactly is a high-intent prospect?
Published: March 20, 2024
What Are High-Intent Insurance Prospects and How Can I Attract Them to My Independent Insurance Agency?

Targeting the right prospects is key to the success of any business — including independent insurance agencies. Although it may be tempting to prioritize quantity over quality when it comes to insurance leads (in hopes that sheer numbers will yield results for your agency), knowing the prospects you want to attract and how to attract them is the cornerstone of building a reliable book. Successful agents understand that the most lucrative clients start as active, high-intent insurance prospects.

Understanding High-Intent Insurance Prospects

The crucial distinction between casual prospects and high-intent prospects is this: high-intent prospects aren’t just browsing or passively interested in service. They have a fixed and clear understanding of their insurance needs and are actively seeking solutions. High-intent prospects are more likely to act on these needs, too, by conducting their own research, filling out forms, requesting quotes, and generally initiating first contact.

Conversely, low-intent prospects may lack direction or be uncertain about their coverage needs, making them less likely to convert into clients.

The Importance of Targeting High-Intent Prospects

Independent insurance agents stand to gain significantly by targeting high-intent prospects. Unlike low-intent prospects, high-intent prospects are more likely to move swiftly through the sales funnel, making the conversion process more efficient and rewarding. Additionally, high-intent prospects often have a better understanding of the value of insurance products and are more willing to invest in comprehensive coverage, leading to potentially higher premiums and long-term client relationships.

How to Attract High-Intent Prospects

Establishing a strong online presence is the cornerstone of attracting high-intent prospects. This includes creating informative and engaging content that addresses common insurance concerns and showcases your agency’s expertise. By positioning yourself as a knowledgeable and trustworthy insurance authority, your agency can more easily attract prospects who are actively seeking guidance and solutions to their insurance needs.

It’s important to keep in mind that competition for high-intent insurance prospects can be steep. Assume that high-intent prospects aren’t just looking to your agency for answers — they could be reaching out to multiple competitor agencies for quotes and service. This is why staying reactive and responding to a prospect’s inquiry as instantly as possible is crucial when it comes to growing your book.

How We Connect You with High-Intent Prospects offers valuable solutions for independent agents looking to connect with high-intent prospects. Through our line of Advantage subscriptions, we lend agents the digital edge to build their online presence and be found by thousands of high-intent insurance prospects who land on every day in search of quality coverage. With an Advantage profile, you can highlight your agency’s unique expertise and not only connect with high-intent prospects, but connect with high-intent prospects who match your specified appetite for business courtesy of our smart Appetite Engine.

Additionally, you can leverage to deliver instant service to high-intent prospects by means of our Claim-it® Referrals marketplace. Known throughout the industry as the “Uber of Insurance”, Claim-it offers independent agents appetite-matching, local, and on-demand opportunities from high-intent insurance prospects in real-time. Learn more about Claim-it here.

As a major supporter of the IA channel, we serve as your bridge between high-intent prospects and independent insurance agents, facilitating meaningful connections that benefit both parties. By leveraging the platform’s resources and technology, you can streamline your prospecting efforts and focus your time and energy on serving clients effectively, ultimately leading to a higher likelihood of successful conversions and greater success in growing your business.

To learn more about Advantage and how to start connecting with high-intent insurance prospects, read up on all our subscription offerings here, or schedule a demo with an account executive to find the right fit for your agency.

Hear from real, high-intent prospects turned consumers how they got connected with independent agents on!

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