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  1. IA Advantage Blog
  2.  » How Claim-it Allows Agents to Provide Instant Service to Insurance Consumers

How Claim-it Allows Agents to Provide Instant Service to Insurance Consumers

Consumers today are seeking instant service across all industries—including the insurance industry. Here's how Claim-it provides that.
Published: May 19, 2023
How Claim-it Allows Independent Insurance Agents to Provide Instant Service to Insurance Prospects

Consumers have come to expect on-demand service. What used to require an in-person visit now allows consumers to achieve their goals from home, whether it’s a delivery from their favorite sit-down restaurant or watching a new blockbuster movie from the comfort of their own sofa. It’s crucial that all industries, including the independent insurance industry, evolve with their clientele to provide services at the consumer’s pace.

Claim-it® provides a seamless and efficient experience, allowing consumers to get insurance coverage without needing to go through long processes or wait for appointments. By activating Claim-it, independent agents can both bolster their book of business and accelerate their response time to provide the instant service that high-intent consumers are looking for.

How Does Claim-it Work?

When an insurance consumer is looking for an independent insurance agent to work with, we alert appetite-matching Advantage Professional and Advantage Producer agents in their immediate area via instant text notification. Each Claim-it Referral notification provides agents a glimpse at the consumer’s needs so they can decide whether they have the bandwidth to accept the referral for a nominal fee.

Should the agent claim the referral, they are instantly connected with the consumer to begin working on the account, and should the agent decline the referral, it can be picked up by another agent in the area. All this can be done in a matter of minutes, allowing consumers to instantly connect with an independent agent before they look elsewhere.

Claim-it Referrals are exclusive to the purchasing agent, meaning the consumer won’t be bombarded by calls from multiple agents. Instead, they will work with one agent who matches their preferred business appetite and has the capability to meet their insurance coverage needs.

How Do I Start Claiming?

Claim-it Referrals are exclusive to Advantage Professional and Advantage Producer subscribers. Every agent at an Advantage Professional agency is eligible to sign up to receive Claim-it Referral text notifications. If you’re already an Advantage Professional or Advantage Producer agent, you can sign up for instant referral text notifications here. It costs you nothing to start receiving text notifications and only takes 30 seconds of your time to sign up.

If you’re not an Advantage Professional agent yet, learn everything there is to know about Advantage Professional and Advantage Producer or purchase your subscription here. You may also request a demo from an account executive to walk you through the process of getting started with Claim-it and answer any questions.

Help your agency instantly connect with local insurance consumers who want to chat with you by signing up for Claim-it today.

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