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  2.  » Instantly Connect with Insurance Prospects with Claim-it Warm Transfer Referrals

Instantly Connect with Insurance Prospects with Claim-it Warm Transfer Referrals

This new Claim-it feature instantly connects independent agents with high-intent insurance prospects. Introducing Warm Transfer Referrals!
Published: April 18, 2023

Claim-it®, the patent-pending opportunity distribution system that combines our Agency Recommendation Engine and a real-time, crowd-sourced notification process, is an agent’s most powerful tool for increasing their volume of insurance referrals and expanding their book of business. Every day, our Claim-it program grows with more local, appetite-matching, exclusive referrals which independent agents can claim at their own pace, making it easier than ever to convert referrals into sales.

Our latest Claim-it feature is designed to help take your business to the next level. Keep reading to learn about all-new Claim-it Warm Transfer Referrals.

What are Claim-it Warm Transfer Referrals?

Claim-it is now employing a call-first approach to help independent agents like you get directly connected with active insurance prospects already on the phone and waiting to speak with an agent. This approach ensures the agent knows the value of who is on the other end of the line and doesn’t mistakenly ignore an important call from a high-intent prospect. Warm Transfer Referrals put the power to decide in the agent’s hands and help them to retain high-intent referrals, as it can take multiple attempts to reach a consumer after the moment has passed—if the consumer can be reached at all.

Additionally, Claim-it Warm Transfer Referrals are verified for intent by our call center so that once an agent is on the phone with their referral, we can provide a better experience for both the agent and the prospect.

How do Claim-it Warm Transfer Referrals work?

  • You are alerted by text that an appetite-matching prospect is on the phone and waiting to speak with you
  • You review the referral information and decide if you like the opportunity and if you have the time right now to answer the prospect’s call
  • If you have the time, you click the “Claim-it” button to claim the referral exclusively and are charged the appropriate referral fee
  • You receive a call from, the operator introduces you, and you take it from there to satisfy the prospect’s coverage needs

A Claim-it Warm Transfer Referral for Commercial Lines

Like Claim-it Referrals, Warm Transfer Referrals are exclusive to the purchasing agent. Once a Warm Transfer Referral has been purchased, no other competing agent has access to the referral information.

How do I start claiming Warm Transfer Referrals?

Claim-it Warm Transfer Referrals are only available to Advantage Professional or Advantage Producer subscription holders. If you’re already an Advantage Professional or Advantage Producer agent, you can be instantly alerted of nearby, relevant referrals by signing up for Claim-it text notifications. We highly encourage our Advantage Professional and Advantage Producer agents to sign up for notifications to avoid missing out on their area’s best-quality insurance referrals. Sign up for Claim-it text notifications here.

If you’re not an Advantage Professional or Advantage Producer agent yet, learn more about Advantage Professional and Advantage Producer, or purchase your subscription here. Alternatively, schedule a demo with one of our account executives to learn more about Advantage Professional and Advantage Producer, Claim-it, and Warm Transfer Referrals.

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