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  1. IA Advantage Blog
  2.  » How We Attracted 30 Million Insurance Shoppers to Independent Agents

How We Attracted 30 Million Insurance Shoppers to Independent Agents

We can’t give away all our secrets – but we’ve been doing this for quite some time and learned a thing or two about SEO. Here are a few things we can tell you about our strategy - without giving away the secret sauce.
Published: January 16, 2021

Our SEO team

Our team is made up of writers, editors, proofers, insurance experts, link builders, SEO managers, designers, SEO specialists, and analytics pros. All of these people work together to bring you all of the awesome Google keyword rankings that your business needs.

We work 100% for you behind the scenes to make sure when someone is entering an insurance term on Google – is there.

See a word we missed? Just know that if it’s not on page one now, – it will be there shortly. We never stop working on our rankings.

Our SEO Strategy 

[lgc_column grid=”100″ tablet_grid=”100″ mobile_grid=”100″ last=”false”]

  • Keywords. We currently rank for over 195,000 insurance keywords and phrases. So what does this mean? Pretty much when people go to Google to search for insurance – we are there. And then we drive those people into our website to work with you.
  • Content. We have more than 43,000 pages on, and we add hundreds of more pages of keyword-rich content each month. And that number keeps growing. To produce our content, we work with a large team of writers, editors, and insurance experts. We make sure the content is accurate and compliant with all E&O legalities.
  • Backlinks. Okay, not to bore you with the technical details, but Google looks at thousands of off-site factors to determine if insurance shoppers like us or not. We take care of all of these off-site factors for you and generate thousands of backlinks each year. Ever done backlink building? Well, you’re in luck! Because we’re really good at it.


But it doesn’t stop with SEO

If you know anything about marketing online, you know it’s not a one-and-done solution. Everything works together to bring in the business. We also do the following on your behalf:
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  • AdWords. We don’t spend a ton of money on AdWords – but we do just enough to keep Google happy and ranking our hundreds of thousands of keywords.
  • Retargeting. When an insurance shopper comes to we make sure they don’t forget about us! In fact, we bid daily on thousands of websites to place our ads on top of the minds of consumers wanting to buy
  • Social Media. No marketing strategy is complete without social media. We keep consumers in-the-know about important insurance topics in their states. We keep in constant connection with shoppers in your state.
  • Banner Ads. We use every tactic we can to give you business opportunities. Last year alone, our banner ads made over 5 million impressions to affluent personal lines and business insurance shoppers. 


Do you want even more SEO? 

Here’s the super-secret sauce: we have SEO partnerships with all the state associations  so we can triple down our efforts. Some of our association have elected to participate at an even higher level to receive more content for your state. Below are the levels for each state:


South Carolina


Florida • Illinois • Kentucky • Mississippi • New Jersey • Tennessee


Alabama • Maryland • Massachusetts • South Dakota • West Virginia • Missouri • Arizona


Indiana • Michigan • New Mexico • Nebraska • Maine • Alaska • Arkansas • California • Colorado • Connecticut • Delaware • Georgia • Hawaii • Idaho • Iowa • Kansas • Kentucky • Louisiana • Michigan • Minnesota • Montana • Nevada • New Hampshire • New Mexico • New York • North Carolina • North Dakota • Ohio • Oklahoma • Oregon • Pennsylvania • Rhode Island • Texas • Utah • Vermont • Virginia • Washington • Wisconsin • Wyoming

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