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showcase your agency to millions of shoppers in the National IA Directory

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AdvantageProfile SEO

get an SEO boost for your digital footprint with our high-domain authority

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we recommend your agency to the consumers you prefer as they shop

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AdvantageProfile SEO
Get recognized as an elite agency with a rich digital profile
Agency name, address, phone and business hours
Agency logo for better brand recognition
Team members section to give a face to your agency
Personalized URLs to match your agency's brand
Lines of business and coverage offerings to show your expertise
Appointed companies displayed on your listing and profile
Video on profile to bump up conversions
Badge on your listing for additional credibility
Be found online with SEO-optimized features
Backlink to your agency website for an SEO boost to your site
Backlinks to your social assets to strengthen your digital footprint
Consumer reviews and five-star ratings to enhance your credibility
Your digital profile crawled and indexed by search engine bots every day to boost SEO
Inclusion in the site map to leverage the domain authority of
Be recommended to prospects matching your appetite
Agency featured and recommended on highly-trafficked content pages for additional impressions
Radius when consumers are searching for an agent 60-miles 60-miles
Consumers can select your agency through various calls-to-action
Live shopper feed on your profile for social proof
Higher ranking in agency search results when consumers enter their needs
Indicate preferred appetite and premium to match you with high-intent prospects
Get connected to high-intent prospects
Online appointment scheduling for consumers to connect with you
Instant referral notifications when a consumer chooses your agency
Claim-It add-on to access live leads who did not select an agency
Access to the Market Finder carrier appetite engine to research insurance companies
Rank higher in the largest IA directory
Improved ranking in the agency directory results Tier 4 Tier 3 Tier 2 Tier 1
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Other Suscriptions We Offer

Advantage Specialist

Be Recommended as a specialist with a narrow appetite and broad territory

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Member Plus

If you're an agency in a Member Plus participating state, you can activate a profile to be recommended on (consumer search radius 10-miles)

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