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  2.  » What Is’s Appetite Engine?

What Is’s Appetite Engine?

Learn about’s Appetite Engine, how it works, and how it helps online shoppers find independent insurance agents every day.
Published: October 25, 2021

Knowing what an insurance shopper wants, what the independent agency wants to cover, and how to bring those two together is not only the mission but the purpose of When we match independent agents and insurance shoppers, there’s no guesswork involved. The algorithm—otherwise known as the Appetite Engine—is designed to help agents define their preferred business appetite, help shoppers narrow down their list of local agency options, and match the right agencies to the right shoppers.

Read on to learn all about’s Appetite Engine, how it works, and how it helps online shoppers find independent insurance agents every day.

Insurance Agency's Business Appetite

The Appetite Engine is the algorithm that assesses shopper needs and recommends a local, Trusted Choice agency based on proven insurance expertise. When an independent agent upgrades to an Advantage Preferred or Advantage Professional subscription from, they unlock the unique capability to define their agency’s business appetite. If the Advantage agency is looking to write only a few specific types of insurance coverage (ex: bakery insurance, daycare insurance, etc.), they can let know, ensuring their services will only be recommended to shoppers seeking a similar business appetite. By defining their business appetite via the Appetite Engine, the Advantage agency can also be brought to the top of the agency recommendation list.

Insurance Shopper's Appetite

Alternatively, shoppers who land on are pushed through what we call the shopper funnel. The shopper funnel is a series of screens that collects consumer information, like current coverage, premium, location, desired coverage, etc., to match them with the appropriate agency. When the shopper inputs their needs, they receive a list of relevant, trusted agencies suggested by the Appetite Engine.

How We Match Agents with Insurance Carriers

Connecting independent agents with insurance shoppers isn’t the only matching being done by Agents can also be matched with insurance carriers willing to write their preferred lines of business, and with’s latest Market Finder tool, we’re making it easier than ever for agents to find IA companies by state, insurance products, and industry classification. Both the Appetite Engine and Market Finder are ways continues to innovate to support independent insurance agents nationwide.

The Appetite Engine is perhaps one of the best perks of an Advantage Preferred or Advantage Professional subscription—besides the free gifts, we mean! See all of our Advantage subscription options, or request a demo from one of our sales representatives today.

Don’t miss out on all the matches’s Appetite Engine (and the Market Finder tool) can make for your agency!

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