3 Powerful Social Proof Enhancements

Nothing builds trusts and promotes your agency to consumers better than social proof

Social proof is when someone recommends or promotes your services based on their experience with your brand, such as in online reviews or liking your agency on Facebook, for example.

With new online consumer review and one-click social sharing capabilities, we’ve got you covered on all accounts!

Read on to learn about 3 new social proof enhancements help your agency’s Advantage profile rank higher in online searches, improve brand visibility and build trust with consumers to win more of the best referrals coming through TrustedChoice.com.

New! Consumer reviews auto-displayed on your TrustedChoice.com profile

New consumer review functionality enables visitors to your Advantage profile to leave a review about their experience with you directly from your TrustedChoice.com profile page.

Consumer reviews on TrustedChoice.com are indexed by web crawlers (Google, Internet Explorer, etc.), so the new feature is B-I-G news for 2 reasons:

  1. Consumer star rating appears in online search results, as shown in the TrustedChoice.com profile featured below (thanks, Randy at Lanoix for letting us share!), building immediate brand trust with insurance consumers searching for your services.
  2. Online consumer reviews optimize your profile’s searchability, giving your Advantage profile a notable ranking search boost over time. We tracked page ranking on Google for Lanoix Insurance Agency’s TrustedChoice.com profile and after one week of receiving the review, his profile jumped from page 1 of search results! 

Oh-so-simple way to stay on top of reviews

All reviews are routed through an internal review process before being published to your agency profile. Only favorable reviews are shared publicly, but we notify you via email of any reviews you receive, which you can also access anytime from your Advantage account. Simple!

New! Profile social media sharing

Growing your social network from your TrustedChoice.com profile has never been easier with the ability for consumers to see the number of followers/likes/subscribers you have on your agency’s Facebook, Google+, Twitter, YouTube and LinkedIn accounts

Better yet, growing your social network has never been easier than they can follow/like/subscribe to your Facebook, Google+, Twitter, YouTube and LinkedIn accounts, directly from your Advantage profile.

Pro tip: To add social links to your profile, info here.  

New! Social sharing on TrustedChoice.com content pages

To further extend the reach of the 5,000-plus consumer articles and blogs on TrustedChoice.com, we’ve added the ability for visitors to share articles and blogs on their Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and LinkedIn social media profiles—right from the content page.

Adding social sharing buttons to articles and blogs is a fast, easy way for consumers to share content they value with their network. Sharing leads to more visibility with their online network, driving even more visibility and trust for you and the entire Trusted Choice family of agencies!

As always, we’re here for you. If you need us, send a note to support@trustedchoice.com or call 855-372-0070 to let us know how we can help!

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