New! Market Finder feature

Makes placement as fast as online shopping

You know that keeping track of the fluid commercial lines marketplace is time-consuming and hard…

…but not anymore!

Our new Advantage Market Finder feature, powered by Ask Kodiak, enables you to quickly search for insurance companies that have an appetite to write the risk, based on the information the insurance consumer provided via the referral form.

2 ways we’re teeing you up to find markets, fast

The Market Finder feature is accessible in two convenient ways:

  1. Referral email notifications – referral notifications now include a link to Market Finder. Just click the big orange button at the bottom of the referral email to land on the results page.
  2. account – Sign in to your account, click the Prospects tab, select a prospect, then click the big orange “Find a Market Now” button.

Market Finder results list

Both the referral email or account link lead you to the Market Finder results page.

Market Finder surfaces all the insurance companies that you’re appointed with, plus others, that have an appetite to write the risk, based on the information provided via the referral form.

Results also include dynamic links to the insurance companies, plus recommended coverages and NAICS Code overviews.

By clicking on a product tile or Learn More takes you to a page with details about that insurer’s product, where you can get the quote process started!

Questions? We’re here for you. Reach us at or 855-372-0070.

Fast, efficient and user friendly

With technology powered by Ask Kodiak, Market Finder completes a convenience loop that offers you fast access to a user-friendly appetite engine that makes finding commercial market placement for referrals as simple as online shopping.

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