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“Recommended Agencies” on SEO Content

Insurance marketing being done for independent insurance agents. We are making it much easier for prospects to find local independent insurance agents when searching the internet for insurance. Local agencies are being promoted and recommended on thousands of SEO content pages related to insurance.
Published: January 28, 2020
Recommended Agencies on SEO Content

Local Agencies Appearing on Thousands of Content Pieces

One of our top priorities is making sure independent insurance agents are in front of online shoppers. We have attracted over 30 million visitors to using SEO strategies. One of those many strategies includes content creation.

We have more than 41,000 pages on, and we add hundreds of more pages of keyword-rich content each month. To produce our content, we work with a large team of writers, editors, and insurance experts. We make sure the content is accurate and compliant with all E&O legalities. We work 100% for you behind the scenes to make sure when someone is entering an insurance term on Google – is there. That’s why we rank for 192,000 insurance keywords and phrases.

This not only helps you as an independent insurance agent when you have a profile on, but also because “Recommended Agencies” tiles appear on those thousands of pages of consumer-facing content on

Recommended Insurance Agencies


With this feature, when a prospect is researching the internet for local insurance and comes across one of our articles, they will see “Recommended Agencies” attached to that content. We are making it much easier for prospects to find local independent insurance agents.

Picture this, a prospect is shopping for home insurance online, and they come across one of our home insurance education content pieces. That prospect will now see a local Advantage “Recommended Agency” appear on that page and will be ready to buy.

The prospect will click through and be directed to the “Recommended Agency” Advantage profile.

The agencies that appear on this content are Advantage subscribers and appear based on their preferred appetite and agency location. This feature is just one of the many reasons why it pays off to have an Advantage subscription.

The Client Success team is here to help you excel. If you have a profile how-to question or want a simple walk-through, contact at (855) 372-0070 or at

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