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  2.  » How Agents Can Maximize Insurance Digital Opportunities

How Agents Can Maximize Insurance Digital Opportunities

For any independent insurance agent, a digital presence is crucial. Luckily, your Advantage Preferred or Professional subscription gives your agency that and more. Check out all of the digital opportunities your agency could be taking "Advantage" of.
Published: August 13, 2021

For any independent insurance agent, a digital presence is crucial. Insurance shoppers flowing into get the scope on hundreds of local agencies with just the click of a button, and an Advantage Profile and Advantage SEO subscription is designed to give your agency the online leg-up it needs to be recognized and found online by insurance shoppers. Your Advantage Preferred or Professional profile takes it even a step further by providing agents with digital opportunities, AKA, proven matching methods to ensure your agency is getting the right clients every time.

So, what are these digital opportunities? We’re glad you asked!

Your Advantage Digital Opportunities

Exclusive to an Advantage Preferred or Advantage Professional subscriptions are three types of digital opportunities: recommendations, referrals and Claim-it leads. Each of these opportunities is valuable in different ways, and all of them are designed to easily connect your agency with high-intent insurance shoppers.


Perhaps one of the best perks of an Advantage Preferred or Advantage Professional profile is recommendations. No matter where you land on the site, will tune to an insurance shopper’s location. This means local agencies can be recommended to prospective insurance shoppers on any of our 41,000+ consumer-facing pages.

Recommendations are not random. Your Advantage profile will only appear as a recommended agency on content pieces that suit your preferred lines of business. Your agency will not be recommended to shoppers searching lines your agency cannot provide. No guesswork involved!


When an insurance shopper lands on, they can select a call-to-action button (Ex: “Get a Quote, Get Referred”) to trigger the consumer funnel. From the funnel, users input contact information, current insurance status and insurance appetite to determine which agencies are the right match for them. When the shopper clicks “Find an Agent”, our recommendation engine behind the funnel redirects the shopper to the agency results page and becomes a referral once they have selected their desired agency.

When worked correctly, referrals from have been known to have a high return. When a shopper selects an Advantage Professional agency, that agency will receive an instant referral notification detailing the shopper’s contact information and the best times to reach them. These are not leads, these referrals are high-intent prospects who chose your agency and want to talk to you.  (That’s even more reason to maximize your Advantage profile and make sure you’re seen!)

Claim-it Leads

If you’ve never heard of Claim-it Leads before, that’s okay, because there is nothing out there like it! Claim-it leads are exclusive to Advantage Professional subscriptions and are the result of a shopper not selecting an agency, but still needing help with their insurance needs. Shoppers who do not select an agency become Claim-it leads, which are hot, high-intent shoppers we know are looking for insurance at that moment but haven’t made a decision just yet.

If the browsing session stays idle for 10 minutes, the shopper will receive a notification that one (and only one) agency suiting their needs will be in contact. From there, sends the leads off to be “claimed” by agents for a price. Once your agency purchases a Claim-it leads, no other agencies can compete for the shopper. You alone have access to that lead.

Not signed up for Claim-it Leads? This is exclusive to Advantage Professional subscribers. Contact Client Success at to sign up.

To take Advantage of all of these great digital opportunities, see our Advantage subscription options here or schedule a demo with one of our sales representatives today. Let help your agency get noticed!

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