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Innovative insurance program for real estate investment properties

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Gain access to REInsurePro - the largest and most comprehensive national program for residential real estate investment properties.

Innovative insurance program for real estate investment properties and portfolios

REInsurePro can accommodate investment properties from single family homes up to 20-unit multifamily locations, mobile homes, condos, and vacation rentals with no limit on portfolio size. Easily find competitive rates on tenant-occupied, vacant, renovation, and new construction investment properties. 

Our monthly reporting form provides flexibility for investors and simplicity for agents. Say goodbye to annual contract pain, tracking renewals, and minimum-earned premiums. No more refunding commissions and rewriting policies when an investor rents, renovates, or sells a property. Your client's portfolio is housed on one schedule with monthly billing and recurring revenue for you. With our innovative online platform, you can quote, bind, and service your investor clients with the click of a button. If you've struggled to manage real estate investor clients and their portfolios, REInsurePro may be exactly right for you.

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