Editorial Guidelines


The Rules When We Write

More than 7 million people visit our site every year looking for unbiased information about insurance and other related topics. And with great readership, comes great responsibility. Meaning we’re dedicated to providing honest and accurate information.

We find the truth in a number of ways. The stats and facts that we analyze, and report are dug up by our internal and third-party research teams. And the sweet insight, well, we rely on our growing network of industry experts and seasoned pros.

When writers finish their articles, they’re reviewed by expert sources, fact checked and proofed before publishing. If any mistakes or inaccuracies are found in our content we will work to correct them ASAP.

Wondering how we get the money to do this?

Basically, our partners give us money. Insurance companies and insurance agencies pay us a monthly subscription to be visible on our website. It’s important to note that the money they give us does NOT control or influence what we say.

Our list of what we don’t do to make money:

  • We don’t sell your info
  • We don’t accept gifts for telling someone to buy a certain policy
  • We don’t accept ad dollars from a partner that we don’t think is the best company for our customers

Since we don’t actually make money on the insurance premiums (unlike other companies). We can make sure that we are providing the best info for you. And that, is a beautiful thing.