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About Us was created for both independent insurance agents and shoppers to connect with exactly what they need, insurance solutions.

As the leading digital insurance marketing platform, the consumer website has brought more than 36 million insurance shoppers together with the independent insurance agents that can serve them best.

Our national agency directory is home to the world’s largest collection of independent insurance agents, partnered with the best insurance companies. Together, we help deliver the expert customer experience shoppers need with the coverage and cost they deserve.


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At, our mission is to provide a trusted platform where independent agents and online insurance shoppers can make a meaningful connection that leads to financial growth and security.

Trust is at the heart of everything we do, and that’s why we always put it first.

Our Values

For the agent, trust means delivering the leadership and service their business turns to. Learn more about joining our IA network.

For the customer, trust means delivering the human touch and expertise they can rely on to find the answers they need.

“We know that the insurance buying process is better for consumers when they work with an independent agent. These agents provide choice in coverage that the highly advertised captive agencies do not."

Chip Bacciocco, CEO

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With years of dedication to the insurance industry, the experience of our team is what helps us deliver the award-winning products and services we do.

Corporate & Business Development

Chip Bacciocco Profile

Chip Bacciocco


Janice Carlson Profile

Janice Carlson

VP of Finance

Nyssa Lieder Profile

Paula Nelson

Accounting Manager

Justin Biggs Profile

Justin Biggs

Director of Insurance Business Distribution

Sales & Client Success

Vinnie Savarese Profile

Vinnie Savarese

SVP of Company Relations

Marc Burdell Profile

Marc Burdell

SVP of Sales & Marketing

Cathy Deering Profile

Brett Sivits

VP of Client Success

Cathy Deering Profile

Cathy Deering

Director of Client Success

Christine McLaughlin Profile

Christine McLaughlin

Senior Account Manager

Crystal Smith Profile

Crystal Smith

Client Success Specialist

Samantha Moeller Profile

Samantha Moeller

Client Success Specialist

Lidia Martin Profile

Lidia Martin

Client Success Specialist

Karin Isaacson Profile

Karin Isaacson

Client Success Specialist

Elizabeth Miller Profile

Elizabeth Miller

Presales Specialist - Inside Sales

Elle Bryant Profile

Elle Bryant

Sales Executive

Art Spross Profile

Art Spross

Sales Executive

Shawn Orr Profile

Shawn Orr

Sales Executive

Bitty Fennie Profile

Bitty Fennie

Business Analyst

Chad Stoller Profile

Chad Stoller

Sales Executive

Eddie Chavez Profile

Eddie Chavez

Sales Executive

Marketing & Traffic Generation

Nyssa Lieder Profile

Nyssa Lieder

Director of SEM

Steve Gomez Profile

Steve Gomez

Director of SEO

Jordann Rylance Profile

Jordann Rylance

Senior Content Manager

Sam Rimnac Profile

Sam Rimnac

SEO Specialist

Noam Flam Profile

Noam Flam

Digital Marketing Analyst

Jenn Haack Profile

Jenn Haack

Creative Director

Viviana Buzo Profile

Viviana Buzo

Director of Marketing

Laurie Dixon Profile

Laurie Dixon

Marketing Content Specialist

Product & Development

Jen Frey Profile

Jen Frey

VP of Product

Bob Jewell Profile

Bob Jewell

VP of Engineering

Marcie Weiss Profile

Marcie Weiss

Associate Product Manager

Chouyou Yang Profile

Chouyou Yang

Web Designer

Kusuma Dandamudi Profile

Kusuma Dandamudi

Senior QA & Data Analyst

Cole Anderson Profile

Cole Anderson

Software Engineer

Not Pictured

Grant Rudin

Senior Software Engineer

Lee Brennise Profile

Lee Brennise

Senior QA Analyst

Not Pictured

Paul Harding

Senior Software Engineer

Scott Johnston Profile

Scott Johnston

IT Specialist

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