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A woman draws a picture showing the relationship between money and housing.

How to Buy a House with Low Income

May 7, 2020
Through federal, state and private assistance, help is available for low income earners to realize the dream of homeownership. Low income earns can buy a home with the assistance of several programs.
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When should you buy a new car?

When Is the Best Time To Buy a Car?

May 5, 2020
When it comes to getting the best price for your new car, timing is everything. Learn when the best and worst times to make a purchase are.
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Lake Michigan's blue waves crash along the Indiana Dunes National Lakeshore

7 Tips to Thrive in Retirement

January 8, 2019
As you ease into retirement, or re-evaluate your existing retirement structure, here are seven tips to help get organized and maximize your enjoyment.
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Rider falling off horse

Someone Fell off My Horse. Can They Sue Me?

April 20, 2020
Whether you own one horse or ten, chances are you've been asked by a friend or visitor to let them ride. While this seems like a friendly gesture, you may be opening yourself up to a potential lawsuit.
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Woman working from home

The 5 Hardest Things About Working from Home in My Slippers

April 20, 2020
What could possibly be difficult about working in the comfort of my own home each day? My commute is approximately five seconds down a hallway.
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What Insurance Do I Need to Start a Business?

April 5, 2021
Business insurance for new business owners can be confusing. Here are the answers to your insurance questions when it comes to starting a new business: what and how much to buy, legal requirements, when you need it and more.
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Wilmington is the largest city in the state of Delaware

A Guide to Moving to: Delaware

April 1, 2020
Thinking of relocating to Delaware, but strip malls and beach towns aren't enough to sell you? Check out this insider's guide and see more for yourself.
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Small business owner on the computer

Why Small Business Owners Should Use Independent Insurance Agents

June 3, 2019
When it comes to running a small business, getting the right kind of help from the right kind of people can go a long way. An independent insurance agent is key to a small business's success. Here's why.
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