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kid in swimming pool

5 Pool Safety Tips for Staying Afloat

July 30, 2020
On average, 3,536 people die every year in the U.S. from unintentional drowning. We spoke with Margie Hemphill, who has more than 45 years of pool safety experience. She gave us some insight on pool safety and narrowed it down to five things to know before taking on a water giant of your own.
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Pumping gasoline fuel in car

Where Can I Find Cheap Gas?

July 16, 2020
Because have you seen the price per gallon around town these days?
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save for a vacation

How To Save for a Big Vacation

July 26, 2020
Whatever your situation is, saving for a big vacation is usually easier said than done… until now. After you’ve determined how much you need to save for your getaway, here are some tips to help you. When it comes to protecting your travels, an independent insurance agent can help you find the protection you need.
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How to Start a Dropshipping Business

August 13, 2020
An independent insurance agent will help you shop multiple carriers to find the perfect blend of coverage and cost for your new business.
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Are Gas Leaks Covered By My Homeowners Insurance?

July 31, 2020
Homeowners insurance provides coverage for lots of mishaps in the home, but what about gas leaks? An independent insurance agent has the answers you need to all your questions from insurance to safety and beyond. Just ask.
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Wilmington is the largest city in the state of Delaware

A Guide to Moving to: Delaware

April 1, 2020
Thinking of relocating to Delaware, but strip malls and beach towns aren't enough to sell you? Check out this insider's guide and see more for yourself.
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Combined Insurance Company Review

July 29, 2020
Founded in 1922, Combined Insurance offers supplemental life and health insurance coverage for individuals and employers. The carrier has high ratings through both A.M. Best and the BBB and is known as a financially stable company. Our review explores the carrier's history and coverage options, as well as pros and cons.
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Who pays the insurance agent

Who Pays the Independent Insurance Agent?

July 4, 2020
Do you ever wonder how the insurance agent is getting compensated? Does it matter what type of insurance agent they are? Find all of this and more in this article. It's best to get advice from a trusted adviser, but it's also important to know what's coming out of your pocket. The answer may surprise you.
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