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Fashion, Not Formaldehyde! Toxin-Free Nail Polish For Every Budget

November 6, 2018
Did you know there are nail polishes that are made toxin-free? They are called 3-free and 5-free polishes and we have a list of the best brands for you.
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Woman painting interior wall

The Ins and Outs of Fixer-Upper Loans

August 26, 2018
At last, the fixer-upper loan info you’ve been looking for. Let’s talk loan typesand their requirements, and help determine which one is the best fit for you.
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Choosing the right credit card

Your Great Credit Has Its Perks, Especially When Choosing Credit Cards

August 21, 2018
Here are 3 questions you should ask yourself before choosing the right credit card that will also give you the most benefits.
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Business owner writing on paper

Should Your Small Business Choose a Credit Union Instead of a Bank?

August 11, 2018
There are benefits to using a credit union rather than a bank for your small business's financial needs.
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knife with veggies

How to Buy Professional Kitchen Knives According to Your Budget

July 29, 2018
Looking for a new cutlery set that will last and is inexpensive? We have tips on how to choose kitchen knives that will fit any budget.
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donatations to charity

7 Questions Smart Donors Ask When Choosing a Charity

July 29, 2018
Be financially savvy with your donations by considering these 7 questions before choosing a charity.
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