West Des Moines Homeowners Insurance

Your Complete Guide to West Des Moines, IA, Homeowners Insurance

(When you need a good price on coverage)

Home to prestigious golf courses and country clubs, West Des Moines, IA, is full of recreation. With its smaller population, this is a charming town.

There are 65,608 residents in West Des Moines, making it a quaint city to own a property. Connect with an independent insurance agent on TrustedChoice.com to find homeowners coverage.

The Price of West Des Moines, IA, Home Insurance

Every home insurance policy is rated uniquely because each home and insured is different. When you're shopping for rates, it's important to note that no policies are the same. Let's look at the average home insurance premium:

  • National average: $2,305
  • Iowa average: $2,540

Your homeowners insurance costs may be higher or lower than the state and national averages. The carriers will determine your rates from individualized criteria. Some factors are not in your control while others are. 

Risk factors that the carriers use:

  • The local crime rates
  • Your claims history 
  • The coverages you select 
  • The local weather
  • Your credit score
  • The year, construction type, and square footage of your home
  • Any discounts that could apply

If you don't want all the hassle of comparing price and coverage yourself, connect with an independent agent. There is one in West Des Moines that can help find the policy your home needs.

Does Your West Des Moines Home Policy Insure Burglaries?

With West Des Moines being a smaller city, the number of burglaries may be lower. Due to being a less populated area, crime is not as prominent. This bodes well for you and your home insurance premiums. Let's take a look at the burglaries per 100,000 households:

  • Number of burglaries per 100,000 homes in the US: 376
  • Number of burglaries per 100,000 homes in Iowa: 352.6
  • Number of burglaries per 100,000 homes in West Des Moines: 224

The burglaries in West Des Moines are lower than both the state and national averages. Your homeowners policy will have a more discounted rate because of this. An independent agent can help you quote your home insurance to see how the crime rates impact your premium. 

Liability Insurance in West Des Moines, IA

Liability insurance is the primary coverage on your home policy. It will protect against a number of claims and is vital to have. Let's look at some occurrences where liability would apply:

  • If a person injures themselves on your property
  • If a household member is sued for slander
  • If a household member causes injury or property damage to another party
  • If your pet injures another party

If your claim is malicious and intentional, then your home policy will not respond. To better protect yourself, you also may want an umbrella policy.

Umbrella insurance: This policy will provide an additional limit of liability above and beyond your underlying home insurance. When you have exhausted your primary policy limits, an umbrella policy will apply.

Connect with your West Des Moines agent to discuss which limits of liability are right for you.

Your Risk as a West Des Moines Homeowner

When a catastrophic event occurs, your home policy needs to have enough coverage. If your insurance is found lacking, you could be out of pocket for the expense. While natural disasters are unavoidable, your homeowners insurance can provide protection.

Natural disasters in Iowa:

  • Number of federally declared catastrophes since 1953: 71
  • Most common disasters: Floods
  • Number of tornadoes per year: 49.2
  • Homeowners claims paid in 2016: 291,074,000

A homeowners policy was created to provide coverage for the what-ifs in life. When you have a claim, your home policy coverage needs to be enough for these natural disasters. To make sure your policy limits are where they should be, speak with your agent.

Flood insurance in West Des Moines:

Homeowners insurance actually excludes flood damage. With flooding as Iowa's number one occurrence, you'll want this coverage. Your independent agent can help quote a flood policy today. 

How to get flood insurance in three easy steps:

#1 - Get connected with an independent agent on TrustedChoice.com

#2 - Have your agent determine which flood zone your home is located in

#3 - Buy flood insurance from the best option

Work with an Independent Agent in West Des Moines, IA

A good homeowners policy will provide adequate protection for you and your family. The last thing you want to worry about is if a claim is covered.

A West Des Moines independent insurance agent works on your behalf to make sure you're insured properly. Connect with a local agent on TrustedChoice.com and get the best coverage.

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