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Wildland fires occurred in the states long before settlers arrived. Native Americans set fire to the underbrush to clear land for wild animals. In today’s society, in addition to wildfires, we have many other types of fires to fear, including fires from cooking, dryer lint, and electrical malfunction. You can protect your home against these hazards by having Kentucky fire insurance.

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Save on Fire Insurance

Our independent agents shop around to find you the best coverage.

Kentucky Fire Statistics

  • Recently, Kentucky had 1,234 fires.
  • More than 32,000 acres burned.
  • The most fires occurred in 1963, totaling more than 4,000.
  • In recent years, arson was the cause of 543 fires.
  • In recent years, the Kentucky house fire death rate was 17.5.

Finding Kentucky Fire Insurance Coverage

Fires happen quickly and can affect everything you own. Your homeowners policy should include fire hazard insurance, but there are many different types of policies, and one may not cover you for fire damage as effectively as another may. Fire exclusions could also be dependent upon how much risk you face. Unfortunately, high-risk area policies may exclude the type of protection you need the most.

That’s why it’s essential to shop around when searching for the best policy for your needs. Instead of trying to find the best policies and prices on your own, work with an independent insurance agent who can research and compare many different policies for you. Securing the right Kentucky fire insurance coverage and setting the right limits is your first step to real protection.


Save on Fire Insurance

Our independent agents shop around to find you the best coverage.

Protecting Your Home

The best thing you can do to protect your home is to purchase replacement value coverage. This is more expensive than actual cash value coverage, but if your entire home is lost in a fire, you’ll receive enough compensation to rebuild a similar model. Actual cash value doesn’t account for market inflation and if your policy isn’t up to date, you may find that your compensation isn’t nearly what you need to start over. Ask your member agent about coverage limits on detached structures as well.

A normal homeowners policy will cover units like a garage, shed or pool with a percentage of the total home coverage amount. However, you may have custom-built structures and other things that may need additional Kentucky fire insurance protection, such as expensive landscaping and stored items in your garage like canoes and other sporting equipment. Be sure to talk with your agent about what your policy does and does not cover and whether it is accurate.

Protecting Your Belongings

Your standard homeowners policy comes with a built-in percentage of protection for your personal property. The protection can range as high as 50 percent of your property’s value, which means that if your house is worth $350,000, you have personal property coverage for $175,000. For some people, that may be more than enough. For others, especially a homeowner who has many valuable items such as jewelry, furs, guns, and antiques, it would be wise to purchase more coverage.

Go room by room estimating the value of all items contained within, and then tally up each room to get a total. Double that number and you’ll have a good idea of just how much coverage you need. Ask your independent agent about possible exclusions and scheduling valuable items. For example, if you lose the gem out of your wedding ring, the insurance company won’t issue any benefits due to a particular exclusion. Your independent agent can identify exclusions and help you find ways to cover most causes of loss. You can even work with your independent agent to discuss fire damage to cars and commercial property.

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