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During warm months, boating activities pick up in the state. Even during the winter, you can find a fishing boat sitting on a lake. At any given time, there are multiple types of boats on the water. Some people charter a bass boat during the fishing season while others like to take a powerboat for a spin on summer weekends. Boats can be a great source of enjoyment but accidents can happen even when you’re having a blissful moment.

Although Kentucky doesn’t require boaters have Kentucky boat insurance, it’s a wise investment. Even unpowered boats are expensive and a powerboat or yacht can cost several thousand dollars alone. Once you begin to add accessories and upgrade the interior, a boat can be a huge cost.

Boater Safety Education Requirements

Kentucky is one of 45 states that require certain boaters to pass a state-approved safety course before operating a water vessel.

  • A boat operator must be 12 years or older to boat on Kentucky public waters.
  • Operators age 12 to 17 must pass a safety course and carry the Kentucky Boater Education Certificate to drive.
  • The Boater Education Card is valid in other states that also have mandatory boater education laws.
  • Driving without a card will result in a fine.

Do I Need Kentucky Boat Insurance?

According to state law, you don’t. However, during previous years, there were over 3,300 injuries from boating accidents nationwide. Property damage cost $36 million dollars. If you don’t have boat insurance, medical expenses and repair costs will come out of your own pocket. If you have an unpowered vessel like a canoe or kayak, it may not be possible to find boat insurance; but otherwise, it’s a good idea to have coverage.


Save on Boat Insurance

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Kentucky Boat Insurance Coverage

Finding the right combination of policies to develop comprehensive protection can be hard to understand. A basic policy may work for a boater who only uses the boat a few times per year. On the other hand, a boater living on the lake and using it for a daily commute will need a much more comprehensive plan. A basic plan should consist of:

  • Liability coverage: If you cause an accident, this portion of your insurance will pay for the other party’s medical expenses and property damage. If you’re sued because of the accident, it will pay for legal fees.
  • Physical damage coverage: This type of policy will cover the repair and replacement of your boat. Liability will not.
  • Comprehensive coverage: If your boat is stolen, vandalized or damaged in a storm, this portion of your coverage will pay for damages and losses.

Additional coverage options you may want to consider include:

  • Property coverage: If your boat is capsized during a storm, you will need to replace tools, life jackets and other property on the boat. This policy will help pay for new items.
  • Fishing equipment coverage: If your boat is primarily used for fishing, this policy may be worth an added cost.
  • Towing coverage: Stuck in the middle of the lake and no one around? This policy can save you.
  • Medical payments: This coverage will pay the medical expenses and funeral costs for you and your passengers if you’re involved in a boating accident.

Boats are a wonderful way to have a great time but with thousands of boaters hitting Kentucky waters every year, it’s important to protect yourself. Contact an independent insurance agent to compare Kentucky boat insurance quotes and get a policy you can afford.

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