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Find the right life insurance policy fo ryou.

Savannah is a wonderful place to raise a family, as evidenced by the fact that 28.9% of all households here include children under the age of eighteen. If you have a spouse or dependents, you may want to consider investing in a Savannah, GA life insurance policy.

Savannah is home to many independent insurance agents in the network. These local professionals can make the task of finding a good life insurance policy easier and less confusing. Contact a local independent agent today for help with your life insurance needs and choosing the best policy for you.

  • Life expectancy for males:
    • United States: 76.2 yearso
    • Georgia: 75.0 years
    • Chatham County: 73.3 years
  • Life expectancy for females:
    • United States: 81.3 years
    • Georgia: 79.9 years
    • Chatham County: 78.9

Though life expectancy rates in this county are lower than the national average, most residents can expect to live well into their golden years. However, because illnesses and accidents can come unexpectedly, it is best to be prepared with a life insurance policy.

Why Savannah Life Insurance Is a Good Investment

If you have loved ones who are dependent on you, it’s a good idea to plan for the unexpected. If you were to pass away suddenly, would your spouse be able to make the mortgage payments? Would your kids have enough financial support to attend college?

Chatham County Leading Causes of Death in One Year

  • There were a total of 2,109 deaths in the county 
  • Heart disease caused 512 deaths, or 24.28%
  • Cancer caused 478 deaths, or 22.66%
  • Chronic lower respiratory disease caused 204 deaths, or 9.67%
  • Unintentional injuries caused 161 deaths, or 7.63%
  • Stroke caused 98 deaths, or 4.65%

A life insurance policy can ensure that your family will be well-cared for financially. When it comes to life insurance, it is best to purchase a policy sooner rather than later. Policy rates are lower when you are young and in good health. If you wait until you are diagnosed with a chronic or fatal illness, you may experience difficulty finding an insurer to cover you at all, let alone for an affordable rate.


Save on Life Insurance

Our independent agents shop around to find you the best coverage.

Savannah Life Insurance Policy Options

You have choices when it comes to your Savannah life insurance policy. You can choose the type of policy to purchase, the amount of coverage to buy and the company you want to buy it from. This is why the Georgia Insurance Office suggests that consumers sit down with a qualified financial professional to determine their unique coverage needs.

For example, a Savannah State University student may want to purchase a modest amount of coverage to lock in a good rate while he is young and healthy. A baby-boomer couple that lives in The Fairways may just want to be sure they have enough coverage to pay for their final expenses. A young couple just starting out may elect to purchase lots of life insurance coverage so that their children have the means to be properly-raised and well-educated in the future.

Generally speaking, life insurance comes in two main types:

Term life: Term life insurance policies are purchased for a given amount of time, or a term, that is usually between 5 and 30 years. Once the term is up, the policy expires. Most people purchase these policies with the expectation that they will no longer have very high coverage needs by the time the policy expires.

Permanent life: These policies, including universal life and whole life insurance, last for as long as you continue to make payments on your premiums. While more expensive than term policies, they can serve as an investment vehicle and build up a cash-value over time. You have the option to close out your policy and take its cash value at any time.The policy type that is best for you depends on your current financial situation, your long-term coverage needs and your personal preference. An agent in the Trusted Choice network can help you evaluate each option.

Savannah Life Insurance Costs

The cost of life insurance can vary greatly from one person to the next. There are several factors that influence cost, among them:

  • Your age at the time you purchase a policy
  • Your current health and your medical history
  • Your family’s medical history
  • The amount of coverage you purchase
  • They type of policy you purchase
  • Your occupation
  • Whether or not you are a smoker

Life insurance rates for smokers are generally much higher than for non-smokers. The longer you have been smoke free, the better your rates will be.

Compare Savannah Life Insurance Quotes

When you are ready to purchase a life insurance policy, you have to decide how much coverage you need and which type of policy is best for your unique circumstances. You can rely on the advice of a Trusted Choice member agent when making these decisions.

Independent insurance agents in the Trusted Choice network can be found in more than 27,000 locations nationwide, and several of these locations are right here in Savannah. It is easy to find an agent close to home to discuss your coverage options. Contact an independent agent and start comparing Savannah life insurance quotes today.

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