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The tornados that ripped through Georgia in 2011 caused more than $75 million in damages. The cyclonic winds of a tornado can destroy cars, homes, landscaping, personal property and businesses. Make certain you have adequate Georgia tornado insurance to protect your investments.

How do you know if your current insurance covers tornado damage? It can sometimes be hard to understand the fine print of an insurance policy. An agent in the network can help you review your policies, and can provide a selection of Georgia tornado insurance quotes if additional coverage is necessary. Because Trusted Choice member agents work for you instead of for a particular insurer, they can help you compare plans and rates from multiple insurance companies. Talk with an independent agent to get free insurance quotes to compare. 

  • Georgia is the 12th mostly likely U.S. state to be hit by a tornado
  • Georgia experienced 67 tornadoes in 2011
  • In 2011, tornadoes in Georgia caused 151 injuries and 16 deaths

When you’re reviewing your insurance coverage, it’s a good idea to check to be sure that your tornado protection covers more than just the structure of your house. Severe tornadoes are frequently responsible for damages to items kept inside the homes and to vehicles, boats and other peripheral property. In some cases, they can even lead to injuries and fatalities. You may want to discuss the range of available coverage options, including injury coverage, with your local Trusted Choice member agent.

Who Needs Georgia Tornado Insurance?

The risk of damage to your home depends a lot on its construction and location. Since Georgia includes an Atlantic coastline, there is also some risk of hurricanes and tropical storms for residents in these areas. These larger storms frequently cause tornadoes.

Residents who live further inland are certainly not immune to hurricane damage. In January of 2013, a violent tornado touched down in just north of Atlanta in Adairsville, GA, smashing into houses and businesses, turning over cars, and killing three people. Estimated wind speeds during this weather event reached as high as 160 miles an hour.

As a resident of Georgia, it is important that you are fully covered against any devastation and financial losses tornado can cause you.


Save on Tornado Insurance

Our independent agents shop around to find you the best coverage.

Georgia Tornado Statistics from the Southeast Regional Climate Center

  • Georgia experiences an average of 30 tornadoes a year
  • This equates to 3.53 tornados for every 10,000 square miles of land in the state
  • In 1994, this state experienced 52 tornados, the most on record for a single year
  • Tornados cause an average of 69 injuries and 3 deaths per year
  • The deadliest tornado on record in this state was in Gainesville in 1936; 203 people were killed

Georgia Tornado Insurance Covers Damages to Homes

Tornados can rip roofs off of houses and blow out windows, causing severe property damage. They can also cause trees to fall onto your home, destroy sheds and fences and generally cause severe structural damage to the building.

It’s a good idea to review your homeowners, condo or renters insurance and make sure it includes coverage for damage caused by tornados. Most policies include this coverage automatically, while others may offer no protection. If the latter is true for you, it could be a good idea to purchase a separate tornado insurance rider. Many policies will also provide temporary housing or relocation assistance if storm damages leave your home uninhabitable.

Georgia Tornado Insurance Covers Your Vehicle

Tornados can severely damage cars and trucks. Tornados also frequently lead to flooding that can completely destroy a vehicle. To cover your vehicle from tornado damage, you may want to consider purchasing comprehensive, or “other-than-collision” coverage for your car. Comprehensive insurance is often required by lenders if you finance the purchase of your vehicle, but it is not required by law. An agent in the Trusted Choice network can provide you with more information.

Georgia Tornado Insurance Protects Your Valuable Possessions

Houses and vehicles are not the only valuable items that need protection from tornado damage. If you own a boat, ATV or RV, for example, you may not have originally considered purchasing comprehensive coverage.

To protect these items from falling trees, high winds, or other damage caused by tornadoes, comprehensive insurance can be a great investment. Talk to your agent to get more details.

Find Georgia Tornado Insurance Quotes

Insurance agents in the Trusted Choice network can be an excellent resource when you are trying to determine what coverage you need and what options are available. Because these agents are independent of any one particular insurance company, they can shop the market. A local agent will understand the risks you face in your Georgia location and can make suggestions for coverage alternatives you may not have considered.

Talk with a independent agent to get comparative Georgia tornado insurance quotes from which to choose. You can get peace of mind that your important investments are protected when severe storms are near.

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