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The Georgia Department of Natural Resources oversees everything from the eleven-billion-dollar state commercial fishing industry to small canoes and bass boats that families might enjoy for weekend recreation. In order to protect your finances while you enjoy time on your recreational or commercial watercraft, it is important to be an educated boat operator, follow proper safety guidelines, and secure a suitable Georgia boat insurance policy.

You may be wondering how you should go about finding good boat insurance. You can get personal service from an independent insurance agent. Since these independent agents have relationships with several different companies, they are likely to be able to find you the right coverage at an affordable price. Contact a member agent now and start comparing Georgia boat insurance quotes.

Georgia Boating Facts

  • There were a total of 118 reported boating accident in the state in 2012
  • Of these, 53 accidents resulted in injuries
  • There were 12 fatalities from boat accidents in the state

Cost of Georgia Boat Insurance

Personal boat insurance may only cost a few hundred dollars a year, while commercial boat coverage could be more than a thousand dollars annually. There is no such thing as a one-size-fits-all policy when it comes to boat insurance.

Policy options vary, and so do the cost of premiums. Some factors that can affect insurance costs include:

  • What type of boat you own. A policy to insure a commercial fishing boat will be more expensive to insure than one for a personal bass boat; likewise, a yacht will be more expensive to insure than a canoe.
  • How you use your watercraft. Those who use it daily for work can expect in most cases to pay more than those who only haul it out of storage a few times a year for recreation.
  • Where you keep your boat. If you tow your boat to and from the water, you’ll have different insurance needs than a person who keeps it docked in the water. The safety of the marina or storage facility in which you keep your boat docked will also factor into the cost of your policy.
  • The coverage options you choose. A policy that includes comprehensive coverage will be more expensive than one that covers liability only.
  • Whether or not you have taken a boating safety course. Boaters under 15 years of age are required by state law to pass one of these courses before they can legally operate a watercraft. Even if not required, successful completion of these courses can lead to reduced rates on boat insurance.
  • Your driving record. Though operating a boat is different from driving a car, those with good driving records tend to be less likely to be involved in a boating accident.

Save on Boat Insurance

Our independent agents shop around to find you the best coverage.

What Does Georgia Boat Insurance Cover?

You can expect that most boat insurance policies you find will provide liability coverage for any personal injuries or property damage you may cause to third-parties while operating your watercraft. Additional coverage options are available with most policies. These include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Collision coverage: This will provide compensation for any damage to your boat or equipment that is damaged in a boating collision, regardless of fault.
  • Comprehensive coverage: This will provide compensation to cover repairs or replacements if your boat or equipment kept on it is damaged by fire, falling objects, weather events, vandalism or theft.
  • Towing coverage: This provides roadside assistance and towing if your boat or trailer is damaged as you haul to and from the water.
  • Fuel spill and collision clean up: This covers the potentially expensive cost of cleanup following a boating accident.
  • Medical payments coverage: This provides coverage for injuries sustained by you or your passengers in a boating accident.
  • Uninsured/underinsured boaters: This guarantees coverage for property damage or injuries you may sustain if a collision is caused by an uninsured boater.

Compare Georgia Boat Insurance Quotes

Agents in the Trusted Choice network do not have an allegiance to any particular insurance company. This means that they can help you find a suitable policy by comparing rates and coverage plans from many different insurers. Comparison shopping for boat insurance has never been so easy.

You can expect to receive great service and ethical advice when you deal with a Trusted Choice member agent. These agents can help you with all of your insurance-related needs. Contact a member agent in your ZIP code today to receive more information; you can be comparing competitively-priced Georgia boat insurance quotes in no time.

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