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Mobility Home Liability Insurance

Mobile homes provide housing to many Georgia residents. Many mobile homes can appear the same as traditional homes to passers-by, but they are anchored to the ground rather than built onto a solid foundation. Mobile homeowners have special insurance considerations and will need to protect their investments with a specialized Georgia mobile home insurance policy.

Your local Trusted Choice® member agent can help you assess your risks and can help you find a suitable policy. These agents have relationships with several different reputable insurance companies and can provide you with a variety of policies to compare. Contact a local independent agent today to start comparing Georgia manufactured home insurance quotes.

  • Georgia residents who live in manufactured homes: 11%
  • Georgia’s state rank for the percentage of mobile homes: 15
  • Average U.S. mobile home sales price: $62,000
  • Average cost of a pre-owned mobile home in GA: $30,786
  • Average cost of a traditional home in GA: $150,000

More than one out of every ten housing units in Georgia is a mobile or manufactured home. Many residents are turning to manufactured homes because they are less expensive to purchase and maintain, and are in many cases larger and more private than apartments.

Different Types of Mobile Homes

  • Trailers and RVs: These homes have wheels and are capable of being driven or hitched to a truck to be moved to a new location.
  • Manufactured homes: These homes are pre-built inside a factory and then transported to the location where they are to be used. Once there, they are anchored in place and therefore are no longer mobile.
  • Modular homes: These homes are pre-built in parts inside a factory. Once on-site, the parts are assembled to create a home, which is then affixed to a foundation. Modular homes may be treated similarly to traditional homes from an insurance perspective.

Some mobile homes are more vulnerable to risks such as fire and wind damage than traditional homes. However, many new manufactured homes are constructed to modern standards and can be safely anchored in place, proving less risky to live in and less costly to insure, in some cases.

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What Does Georgia Mobile Home Insurance Cover?

Your policy may include many of the same types of coverage provided by traditional homeowners insurance. These can include:

  • Liability insurance: This is designed to cover bodily injuries and property damage sustained by third parties on your property.
  • Property damage insurance: If your home is damaged by external forces such as weather or vandalism, this can provide the compensation necessary to repair or rebuild.
  • Personal property insurance: If the contents of your home are damaged by a covered event or if your property is stolen from your home, this is designed to provide compensation to replace those items.

Similar to traditional homeowners insurance, mobile home insurance typically does not cover damage caused by floods. For that, you will need to purchase a separate flood insurance policy. An agent in the Trusted Choice network can provide more information about NFIP-backed flood insurance and help you secure a policy.

Average Cost of Mobile vs. Traditional Homes in Major Georgia Cities

  • Athens: mobile homes, $47,834; traditional homes, $200,238
  • Atlanta: mobile homes, $122,458; traditional homes, $384,753
  • Augusta: mobile homes, $33,946; traditional homes, $125,641
  • Columbus: mobile homes, $35,970; traditional homes, $161,161
  • Savannah: mobile homes, $82,275; traditional homes, $189,305

Is Georgia Mobile Home Insurance Expensive?

The cost of a mobile home insurance policy can vary greatly from one person to the next. Factors that can influence costs include:

  • The insured value of your home
  • The insured value of your contents
  • The amount of liability insurance purchased
  • Your deductibles
  • The age and location of your home
  • The materials used to construct your home
  • .....
  • Your credit rating and claims history

You may be able to earn discounts on your mobile home insurance by taking steps to minimize your potential risks. These include ensuring that your home is securely anchored to the ground, installing fire alarms and burglar alarms in your home, and keeping your manufactured home well-maintained.

You may also be able to earn discounts for having multiple policies with your insurance company. Speak to your Trusted Choice member agent about the possibility of combining your mobile home policy with your car or truck insurance policy, for example.

Compare Georgia Mobile Home Insurance Quotes and Policies

If you have recently purchased a mobile home in Georgia, or if you are thinking about taking the plunge into home-ownership, protect your investment with a suitable insurance policy. Shopping for insurance can be time-consuming and confusing. An agent in the Trusted Choice network can answer your questions and explain your coverage options.

All agents in the Trusted Choice network have taken a pledge to provide friendly service and ethical advice. You can rest assured that your local member agent has your best interests at heart. Contact an independent agent to start comparing Georgia manufactured home insurance quotes today.

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