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The state of Georgia is home to several businesses ranging from farms and commercial fisheries to Fortune 500 companies. Many of these businesses rely on commercial trucks, cars, and vans to transport goods and people. The right Georgia commercial vehicle insurance can help secure your business and help your bottom line.

Finding the right insurance policy does not have to be difficult. You can contact an independent insurance agent in the Trusted Choice® network for assistance. These agents work directly with several different insurance carriers, so they can provide you with a variety of policies that meet your needs. Contact a member agent close to your home or business today to start comparing Georgia commercial vehicle insurance quotes.

  • Commercial vehicle accidents with property damage only, 2011: 3,778,000
  • Commercial vehicle fatalities, 2011: 27,757
  • Commercial vehicle injuries, 2011: 1,530,000
  • Estimated cost of commercial vehicle accidents, 2011: $87 billion

Accidents involving company-owned vehicles cost American businesses and insurance companies billions of dollars every year. The costs associated with a severe accident can put many companies at risk for bankruptcy without the proper coverage. To protect the investment you have made in your business, be sure to secure a Georgia commercial vehicle insurance policy that will provide the coverage you need to keep your business afloat.

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What Does Georgia Commercial Vehicle Insurance Cover?

Of course, your coverage must include liability insurance, as required by Georgia law. You may choose to increase liability limits as it suits the needs of your business. Liability insurance is designed to cover bodily injuries or property damage sustained by third-parties in an accident you or your employees are at fault for. There are also additional options you can choose from, including:

  • Personal injury: If your driver is injured in an accident, regardless of fault
  • Collision: If your company’s vehicle is damaged in an accident, regardless of fault
  • Non-owned auto: If your employees are involved in a motor vehicle accident while using their own vehicles to do company business
  • Uninsured/Underinsured motorists: If your driver is involved in an accident with someone who lack proper insurance coverage or with a hit-and-run motorist
  • Loading and unloading: If goods are damaged while loading to or unloading from a company vehicle
  • Towing and labor: If your company vehicle should become disabled on the road and require roadside assistance

An insurance agent in the Trusted Choice network can help you review your many Georgia commercial vehicle insurance options and help you build a policy that meets your company’s specific needs.

How Much Does Georgia Commercial Car Insurance Cost?

Your company’s insurance rates will depend on several factors, including the type, or types, of commercial autos, vans, or trucks used. Rates may also vary according to your business’s claims history and the way the vehicles are utilized.

For example, a suburban real estate agency that gives company vehicles to employees will likely need different coverage than a construction company that uses large trucks and trailers. The best way to find out how much you can expect to pay for Georgia commercial vehicle insurance is to compare rate quotes from at least three of reputable insurance companies.

Minimize Your Risks of an Accident through Preventive Measures

The most common cause of motor vehicle accidents in Georgia is collision with deer. These animals frequently leap onto highways where motorists often have trouble avoiding them. Drivers in large, heavy vehicles often have even more difficulty.

Most Frequent Types of Motor Vehicle Collisions in Georgia

  • Total number of accidents in Georgia, 2011: 237,845
  • Collisions with deer: 9,901
  • Collisions with a parked motor vehicle: 8,214
  • Collisions into a ditch: 6,960
  • Collisions into a tree: 5,927
  • Overturned vehicle: 4,986

It is important to hire experienced drivers with good driving records, but know that even the best drivers can find themselves involved in a motor vehicle accident. Hazardous roadways, inclement weather, careless maneuvers from other drivers and, of course, deer can all play roles in causing collisions.

Most accidents are due to driver error or faulty equipment, which are both preventable. You can reduce risks by ensuring that your company vehicles are well-maintained, and by offering your employees safe-driving educational materials and training. Driver-fatigue can frequently lead to distraction and inattention, so it is also advisable to limit the number of hours your drivers spend on the road each day.

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Find Commercial Auto Insurance

Our independent agents shop around to find you the best coverage.

Compare Georgia Commercial Vehicle Insurance Quotes

Whether you need to insure a fleet of Atlanta taxis, a limo in Savannah, or the pickup you use for farming, a phone call to an independent insurance agent - they can simplify your search for the right policy. Your local agent can help you assess your business’s unique coverage needs and can help you find a competitively priced policy.

Agents are located in more than 27,000 member agency locations across the country, so it is easy to find one near your home or business. Contact a member agent near you today to compare a variety of Georgia commercial vehicle insurance quotes.

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