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Cicero Illinois Business Insurance

Cicero, IL, has 82,552 residents, making it a larger town. If you own a business in Cicero, you'll want protection for your assets. Fortunately, an independent insurance agent can help.

With over 1,200,000 small business owners in Illinois, the right policy coverage is essential. When you work with a trusted adviser, you'll get business insurance at a low price. Connect with a local expert to get started.

Commercial Property Insurance in Cicero, IL

Your Cicero commercial insurance policies may not have all the coverage your business needs. Most commercial property policies only cover 80% of your building's value. Review the following items with a licensed professional to get an accurate quote for your property:

  • Protective devices in place
  • Year built and structural make-up 
  • Total square footage
  • Operations that occupy the property
  • Market value and replacement cost
  • Prior property claims

Common property risks in Cicero, IL:

  1. Severe storms and lightning
  2. Flooding and water damage
  3. Tornadoes
  4. Heavy snow 
  5. Burglary and other property crimes

Here's why you need flood insurance:

Flood damage is not a covered loss under your commercial property policy. To avoid going into financial ruin or worse, you'll need separate flood insurance. This can be obtained through FEMA-approved carriers.


Save on Business Insurance

Our independent agents shop around to find you the best coverage.

Types of Employee Policies in Cicero, IL

Employee policies can be confusing. Whether you have two employees or 2,000, there are some things you need to know. Like, which insurance coverages protect your business and your staff. Consider these policy options:

Worker's compensation insurance

Worker's compensation insurance is required in Cicero, IL when you have one or more employees. If you are an owner, member, sole proprietor, or officer, you can be exempt. This policy will help pay for the medical expenses and lost wages of an employee who gets injured or becomes ill on the job.

Employee benefits coverage

With 2,500,000 people employed by small businesses in Illinois, adding value is key. When you offer employee benefits coverage, your staff will have help paying for health insurance and more. Most employees are looking for more than just a salary, and this can help them feel appreciated.

Liability Insurance in Cicero, IL

In 2019, there were $16,998,439,000 in commercial claims paid in Illinois. Many of those losses were related to liability coverage. To have adequate protection, take a look at these options:

Cyber liability insurance

Cyber insurance is a necessary policy that a lot of business owners don't have. It will pay for the damages arising from a cyberattack, such as legal fees. 

Business interruption insurance

Business interruption insurance is added to your general liability policy for a premium. It will pay for regular business expenses when a catastrophe closes your doors. Coverage usually lasts 12 to 24 months.

General liability (GL) insurance

GL insurance will pay for a lawsuit arising out of property damage, bodily injury, or slander. It is typically the most used policy of your business insurance.

Why You Need a Cicero, IL Independent Agent

Your business's insurance policies should be accurate and sufficient to avoid financial devastation. It only takes one loss to wipe out your operation without proper coverage. To have the best options at an affordable price, consult with a licensed professional. 

An independent insurance agent can help with policy and premium by doing the shopping for you. They have a network of several carriers, so you don't have to compare pricing on your own. Connect with a local adviser on TrustedChoice today. 

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