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Snowmobiling is a great winter sport for Massachusetts residents. Snow falls in the state from December through April, so there are many months for you to enjoy the 2,000+ miles of groomed and ungroomed trails throughout the state. Just make sure you protect yourself with Massachusetts snowmobile insurance. Finding a policy for your sled doesn't have to be hard. All you need to do is contact an independent insurance agent. Independent agents will help you locate a policy that fits your unique needs. Our agents can also provide multiple Massachusetts snowmobile insurance quotes for you to choose from. It only takes a few moments to find an agent right in your ZIP code.


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Our independent agents shop around to find you the best coverage.

Massachusetts Snowmobile Facts

  • There are 13,565 registered snowmobiles in the state.
  • Average age of snowmobiler is 41.
  • In recent years, there were 26 snowmobile accidents.
  • Snowmobiling is the 4th most dangerous recreational sport.

State Snowmobile Laws

In Massachusetts, you must register your snowmobile for a small fee of about $30, and provide proof of insurance. Don't make the mistake of skimping on Massachusetts snowmobile insurance coverage to save money. If you're caught without insurance, you could receive a traffic citation and face fines, depending on your record. If you wish to ride on a private trail, you must have the right permit. Landowners that haven't issued the permit reserve the right to evict you from their property.

You cannot ride a snowmobile on the road, per state law. The only exception is when you're traveling between two connecting trails. While there are no posted speed limits for snowmobiles in the state, it's best to be cautious while riding. Speed is a major contributing factor in the majority of snowmobile accidents. Riders must be at least 16 years old, and while a safety course isn't required to drive, it's a very good idea. Children as young as 12 can operate a snowmobile with adult supervision, so it's important to instill safe driving practices early on to avoid claims in the future.


Get Snowmobile Coverage

Our independent agents shop around to find you the best coverage.

Do I Need Massachusetts Snowmobile Insurance?

Massachusetts state law requires you have insurance, but it's a smart buy for anyone who takes to the trail on a sled. Each year, snowmobiles cause around 600 deaths and over 14,000 injuries in the United States. Having the right snowmobile insurance can ensure you're protected, even when disaster strikes.

It's recommended that you start by securing liability coverage. This will cover property damage and bodily injury that you cause to third parties, including other snowmobilers, hikers, or property owners. Purchasing liability insurance can help you maintain personal assets, especially if you are sued after an accident you cause.  A basic policy can insure up to 4 or 5 drivers, so your entire family can ride with peace of mind.

To get the best protection, purchase a Massachusetts snowmobile insurance plan with several types of coverage included. For example, you may choose to purchase an uninsured/underinsured motorist policy as well as additional coverage options like roadside assistance, collision, and comprehensive insurance. To compare policies and Massachusetts snowmobile insurance quotes, contact an agent.

Working with an Agent

When you work with an agent, you receive personalized help. Agents in our network are independent of any single insurer and can shop around for the best Massachusetts snowmobile insurance quotes on the market.  You can be comparing policies and saving money in no time. Our independent agents take your unique situation into account when searching for the right insurance policy. If you want a reliable guide for your insurance journey, contact an agent. It only takes a few moments to find an independent agent right in your zip code.

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