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Just because you reside on the East Coast doesn’t mean you’re safe from earthquakes. One of the largest earthquakes hit the New England area just off the coast of Cape Ann in 1755. In today’s measurements, it registered at 6.2 on the Richter scale and could be felt all the way to South Carolina. The most recent serious quake in New England was a 4.6 magnitude earthquake in Maine that was felt throughout the region.

Massachusetts has experienced an increase in seismic activity in recent years. In fact, the state has had earthquake emergency systems in place since 1975, and all new buildings must now comply with an earthquake building codes. Contact an independent insurance agent to learn how an earthquake policy can help protect you. A member agent can help you compare multiple Massachusetts earthquake insurance quotes and find an affordable policy that provides peace of mind.


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Recent Earthquakes in Massachusetts

  • Gloucester: 2.5 magnitude quake
  • Winthrop: 2.3 magnitude quake
  • Plymouth: 2.5 magnitude quake
  • Gloucester: 3.0 magnitude quake
  • Harwich: 3.0 magnitude quake
  • Westford: 3.3 magnitude quake

Who Needs Massachusetts Earthquake Insurance?

Your need for Massachusetts earthquake insurance might be more pressing than you think. When the Earth shakes, anything standing on it has the potential to suffer serious damage. When trying to determine whether an earthquake policy is right for you, consider how much damage even a minor earthquake can cause. Chimneys can topple and your personal belongings may be broken. If your house was built before modern earthquake codes or is not built onto a solid foundation, you may want to consider purchasing Massachusetts earthquake insurance.

Older homes and those with weaker construction materials can be more prone to damage. If you’re considering remodeling an older home, make sure you understand how to bring it up to modern seismic codes. This will help ensure your home can withstand an earthquake.


Save on Earthquake Insurance

Our independent agents shop around to find you the best coverage.

What Does Earthquake Insurance Cover?

An earthquake policy will cover any damage to the exterior and interior of your house, as well as to the main foundation. Because an earthquake shakes the ground back and forth, the foundation of your house, whether it’s a concrete slab or basement, can crack. This jeopardizes the entire structure of your home and is a costly problem to fix. Earthquake insurance can help offset repair costs that your normal homeowners policy may not cover. Most home insurance policies have earthquake exclusions and may not cover any damage to your house or personal property. An agent can help you identify whether an earthquake policy fits your needs.

How Much Does Massachusetts Earthquake Insurance Cost?

The cost of insurance really depends on how much risk you face. While Massachusetts has experienced several earthquakes during the past few years, most have been minor. Over the course of the next 50 years, the state has a 2 percent chance of experiencing a 5.0 quake. Most homeowners in the state can acquire coverage for less than $200 a year, but don’t forget about the deductible.

Your deductible will be based on a percentage of the total value of your home. If you have a $200,000 home, your deductible could be anywhere from $2,000 to $20,000. As with all insurance products, it’s a matter of weighing risk versus benefits. If you want to learn more about earthquake insurance in your area, find a local independent agent in our network.

How to Compare Massachusetts Earthquake Insurance Quotes

A local agent knows the area where you live and can help to assess your risks. Your agent can help you determine how much coverage you need and will help you compare Massachusetts earthquake insurance quotes as you look for an affordable policy. 

Contact an agent to learn more about your options today.

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