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Why Choose Berkley Southeast Insurance Group?

At Berkley Southeast Insurance Group (BSIG) we focus on delivering the best value for commercial insurance, and providing a broad underwriting appetite,with a high degree of personalized service from our underwriting and claims teams based in the Southeastern U.S. Choosing BSIG will provide you with the expected exceptional service and prompt claim handling that you deserve. We protect your business at evey level. It's what we do.


...if this is a standard practice of your claims dept that's great! We don't have any other companies doing this.

An insured response to our claim's adjuster.

….You are doing a good job for us!

An insured response to our client services consultant.

Brand Values

At Berkley Southeast Insurance Group we believe in delivering the best overall value for commercial coverage and claim service outcomes. It's why we are a locally based company doing business through an exclusive network of independent agents. We have local expertise, so we understand your business needs, and can provide the best possible insurance solution. We value teamwork, professionalism, and above all else, the customer.

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