Scottsville Homeowners Insurance

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Scottsville is a small town in the heart of Kentucky that offers homeowners a beautiful place to live and work in. In this beautiful city, you’ll find a diverse range of arts, shopping and dining opportunity along with some of the best hunting and fishing in the state. Of course, living in Scottsville also brings some risks, especially where weather is concerned. With an average of two tornadoes per year, you just can’t afford to skimp on Scottsville homeowners insurance.

As you’re shopping for home insurance, you’ll find dozens of coverage options to choose from. It can get a little overwhelming to figure out how much coverage you need and how much you can really afford. Our Independent Insurance Agents specialize in helping Scottsville homeowners find the most reliable home insurance coverage. Our experienced agents can offer quotes on multiple policies, allowing you to compare rates and find a budget-friendly home insurance plan regardless of the size and age of your home.

  • National yearly premium average: $1,034
  • Kentucky yearly premium average: $916
  • 27th most expensive premium in the U.S.

Home insurance rates in Kentucky trend below the national average. However, your rate can vary substantially depending on your home's location, size, and even its age. If you have high-risk factors like a swimming pool or water frontage, home insurance might be much more expensive. Our Independent Insurance Agents will work with you to find affordable coverage options for your home no matter where it’s located or what risk factors you have to deal with.

Scottsville Second Home and Vacation Home Insurance

Scottsville’s easy access to outdoor recreation makes it a prime destination for tourists. If you own a vacation home in this area, you know that it is the perfect place to escape for a weekend getaway. However, owning a second home also has a lot of risks. Without being present to constantly check in on your property, you never know when a disaster could happen. A simple leaky pipe could turn into a full-blown basement flood before anyone notices if your home is sitting empty. Our Independent Insurance Agents offer reliable coverage options designed specifically for second homes in Scottsville and the unique challenges they bring.

Number of Thefts in Kentucky

  • National number of burglaries: 37,814
  • Kentucky number of burglaries: 26,213

Even though Scottsville is a small town that really shines with Southern hospitality, it’s not immune from occasional break-ins and burglaries. Homeowners insurance can protect your home by paying for repairs after a break-in and covering the cost of stolen items so you can replace them quickly and get on with your life.


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Number of Catastrophes in Kentucky

  • Number of catastrophes in Kentucky: 743
  • Number of tornadoes in Kentucky: 17
  • Amount of property damage in Kentucky: $12,300,000

With more than $12 million in property damage reported each year in the Bluegrass State, it’s obvious than natural disasters are a major problem. Whether it’s tornadoes, wildfires, flash flooding or even hail storms, these natural disasters can cause major damage that requires expensive repairs from homeowners. Whether you live in Scottsville or own a vacation home in this beautiful city, make sure you’re covered with a reliable homeowners insurance policy to protect against Kentucky’s unpredictable weather systems.

What Are the Risks in Scottsville?

For Scottsville homeowners, the biggest risk each year is tornadoes. This city sees an average of two tornadoes every year, with a total of 109 coming through the area since 1950. These storm systems can cause major damage to local homes, so take the time to invest in a home insurance plan that provides the best coverage against weather-related catastrophes.

Compare Scottsville Home Insurance Quotes

As you start shopping for homeowners insurance for your Scottsville home, take time to gather multiple quotes and compare rates before you select a policy. It might be tempting to go with the first policy quote you receive, but it pays to do your homework. Our Independent Insurance Agents make it easier than ever to compare rate quotes. In fact, our friendly agents will provide you with multiple quotes and coverage options so you can really weigh the pros and cons of each policy and select one that is a good fit for your home. 

Contact an agent today to learn more about Scottsville home insurance and to start building your customized policy.

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