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Getting medical insurance quotes and finding the right plan in Connecticut might feel like a whole new world, with insurance exchanges and the individual mandate being implemented. Did you know that just choosing the first plan you see or enrolling in a "discounted" plan can end up costing you more in the end?

Additionally, while many employers offer health coverage, sometimes these plans are more expensive than private health insurance. There's a lot to know about health insurance, and educating yourself on the basics is important.

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Health Snapshot of Connecticut

  • Connecticut has the highest instance of breast cancer in the nation.
  • 25% of Connecticut residents are obese.
  • Stokes are the fourth leading cause of death in Connecticut residents.
  • 90.1% of residents have health insurance.
  • The annual employee premium in employer-sponsored plans in Connecticut is $992.
  • The average cost of inpatient care at a hospital is $1,988 per day.

Beyond adopting a healthful lifestyle, having health insurance is the best protection you can have to ensure you stay happy and healthy. From routine care and wellness exams to vaccines and community programs, staying on top of your health is important. Since medical-related costs are the number one cause of bankruptcy, it's important to have insurance in place in order to help cover any health issues that arise.

Connecticut has many health programs available for residents to take part in to stay healthy. Programs dedicated to education about breast cancer, smoking abatement, childcare and even youth camps are just a few of the programs available to Connecticut residents.

How Can I Get Low-Cost Health Insurance Quotes?

There is no strict average on how much health insurance costs in the state of Connecticut. However, there are factors that every insurance body uses in order to determine your premiums, including the following:

  • Age
  • Number of members in family and their ages
  • Any pre-existing conditions
  • Where you live
  • Family's tobacco use
  • Weight
  • History of serious illness
  • Any genetic diseases
  • History of mental illness/disorders

You have control over a few factors that will determine your premium such as these:

  • Desired deductible
  • Desired co-pays
  • Desired prescription coverage
  • Whether you want to have an HMO or PPO plan

It's important to decide what type of coverage you want, what type of prescription plan you'd like and what type of plan you would rather have (HMO or PPO) before getting medical insurance rate quotes.

Connecticut Public Health Options

Individuals, families and children declined for private health insurance and those can't afford it have a few options such as HUSKY Healthcare, CHIP and Medicaid. These health programs offer healthcare benefit packages that cover primary care, preventive care, hospital care, behavioral health, prescription coverage and even dental coverage. There also may be private organizations or charities that can help pay for some healthcare costs. There are also free clinics in Connecticut that offer free medical services to residents.

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Ready to Save On Insurance?

Our independent agents shop around to find you the best coverage.

What if Your Current Health Insurance Isn't Enough?

If you currently have health insurance, you may notice that some very necessary treatments and therapies may not be covered. There are supplemental plans available, such as the following:

  • Medicare supplement insurance, also known as Medigap: This coverage takes effect where Medicare coverage stops so that you have more costs covered.
  • Supplemental hospital insurance: While having a co-pay at the hospital helps cover hospital bills, there are many more costs associated with medical care, such as transportation, childcare and even home care. This insurance helps cover those costs.
  • Supplemental cancer insurance: The American Cancer Society estimates that 67 percent of total cancer costs are non-medical. Many times, patients must pay these costs out of pocket. This policy helps pay for non-medical costs.
  • Short and long term disability insurance: Short term disability coverage takes effect to cover you when you can't work for a limited time, such as a lengthy illness, a birth or a disabling injury, for example. Long term disability covers you for a medical injury that leaves you unable to work.

How To Purchase Connecticut Health Insurance

Health insurance can be confusing. Making sure you research all your options, along with making sure the coverage you choose is adequate, is an important part of taking charge of your health. Whether it's reviewing a plan you already have or finding a new one, a Trusted Choice® agent is always available to help.

Contact your local Trusted Choice agent for help getting coverage.

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