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Tornadoes can touch down anywhere, and they are among the most costly of the natural disasters that occur in the United States. While twisters are not a major threat in Connecticut, they do sometimes occur here, so it is important to have proper tornado insurance to protect your finances. The cyclonic winds of these fierce storms can destroy homes, vehicles, personal property and businesses. You probably already have coverage against tornadoes as part of the insurance you currently carry. If not, it is a good idea to review tornado insurance quotes and purchase policies that will adequately cover your belongings.

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Connecticut Tornado Statistics

  • Connecticut experiences an average of 1 tornadoes a year.
  • It ranks as the 43rd most likely state to experience a tornado.
  • Most tornadoes that touch down here are mild EF1 twisters. This state has experienced 27 tornadoes of EF2 intensity or greater; three of these twisters were of EF4 intensity.
  • Hartford and Litchfield Counties are the most likely to be struck by a tornado.
  • Waterbury, CT, has experienced four tornadoes since 1955, the most of any Connecticut city.
  • In 1973, the state experienced eight tornadoes, the most in a single year.
  • The state’s most deadly tornado was in Wallingford in 1878, at which time more than 30 residents died.

Why Consider Tornado Insurance in Connecticut?

Most residents of Connecticut give very little thought to the possibility of tornado damage. However, since 1950, approximately 100 tornadoes in this state have caused 48 known deaths and more than 780 injuries. Additionally, these storms are responsible for more than $500 million in property damage.

Tornado insurance is not a policy on its own. It is something that is included in the policies you already have. However, this coverage is usually optional, so it is important that you confirm that your policy includes it. The costs to add this coverage to a home or business insurance policy is negligible, but it can save you thousands of dollars in the event that a tornado causes complete destruction to your property.


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Tornado Insurance Covers Connecticut Homes

Tornadoes can rip roofs off houses and blow out windows and doors, causing severe property damage to the contents of your home. These storms can also cause trees to fall onto your property, destroy sheds and fences, and even cause severe structural damage to the building. Make sure that your homeowners, condo or renters insurance includes coverage against the damage caused by tornadoes. Most policies include this coverage automatically, while others, particularly those with named-peril clauses, may require you to purchase a separate tornado insurance rider or specifically name tornadoes among your covered events.

The tornado insurance included in a homeowners policy typically covers damage to the structure of your home and out-buildings, as well as your personal possessions. If you rent your home, your landlord should cover damage to the building, but you will need a renters insurance policy to cover your personal property. Nearly all homeowners and renters insurance policies also provide temporary housing or relocation assistance if storm damage leaves your home uninhabitable. But this coverage is only available for covered events, so be certain that tornado damage is included.

Tornado Insurance Covers Vehicles in Connecticut

Tornadoes can severely damage, and even destroy, vehicles. Uprooted trees, resultant fires and flying debris have the potential to cause dents, scratches and destruction. Most of the time, tornado damage occurs while the vehicle is unoccupied or when the driver has pulled over to wait out the storm. The only way to have coverage against tornado damage is to include comprehensive coverage with your vehicle insurance.

If you financed the purchase of your vehicle and you are still making payments on it, you likely already have comprehensive coverage because most lenders require it. However, if your vehicle loan is paid, this coverage is optional. Because the law does not require auto insurance, many people choose to save a few dollars by forgoing it. However, this coverage is necessary to cover any non-collision-related damage your vehicle may sustain. This includes damage caused by fire, falling objects, floods, severe weather, vandalism and theft. Tornado coverage is included with all comprehensive car or truck insurance.

Tornado Insurance Protects CT Businesses

If you are one of the many business owners in this state, you may already have a business insurance policy in place to protect your company from liability issues and financial loss. In most cases, tornado insurance coverage is included in these policies, but sometimes it is not. Be sure to check your policy carefully to ensure it does not list tornado damage under coverage exclusions. If it is, you may want to purchase a tornado coverage rider. If that is not available, look for quotes that have better coverage inclusions.

At times, tornado damage may cause your businesses to close or halt operations for an extended period while repairs take place. If you include loss of income coverage with your business insurance policy, your business can still receive the income necessary to pay bills and employee salaries until you can successfully reopen for business.

Where to Go Next

Insurance agents in the Trusted Choice® network can be an excellent resource when you are assessing what coverage you have, what coverage you need and what options are available. A local agent will understand the risks you face in Connecticut and may be able to make suggestions for coverage alternatives you may have never before considered.

If you lack coverage against these violent storms, your agent can provide you with information and tornado insurance quotes that you can compare and consider. Talk with an independent agent to learn more.

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