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The city of Huron, SD is surrounded by many acres of farmland.  From cattle to crops, these local farms and ranches supply the country with a bounty of agricultural products. If you are among the many farm or ranch owners in the Huron area, you can benefit from protecting your investment with farm insurance

Local independent insurance agents can help you compare policies and rates from a variety of reliable insurers. That way, you can be sure you are getting appropriate coverage at a competitive price. Contact an insurance agent near you to learn more about farm and ranch insurance.

What Is Huron Farm Insurance?

Your farm or ranch is more than just where you make your home. It is your business. Farm insurance is a specific type of policy that was created to meet the unique coverage needs of farm and ranch owners.  It combines the coverage you can expect from both home insurance and business insurance in one easily customizable policy package. 

A local independent insurance agent can help you navigate through your various options so you can easily purchase an affordable insurance policy that covers you against all of the potential hazards you are likely to face as a farm or ranch owner in the Huron area.

Huron Farm Insurance Covers against Liability Risks

Farm and ranch owners have a number of liability risks. In addition to the risks typically faced by traditional homeowners, they also have the risks that are inherent in running a commercial enterprise. Farm and ranch liability insurance is designed to cover expenses such as court costs, legal defense fees, and damages if you are liable for a covered event. Your policy can include the following types of coverage:

  • Premises liability insurance: This is designed to cover damage and injuries sustained by guests, visitors, or customers while they are on your farm property.
  • Product liability insurance: This is designed to cover against third-party illnesses, injuries, or other damages if a product produced or sold by your farm is defective in some way.
  • Operations liability insurance: This is designed to provide coverage against third-party injuries or property damage caused while running your farm. Example: if a public roadway runs through your farm property and a hay baler causes an accident while crossing over it.
  • Farmworkers medical payments insurance: Workers' compensation coverage is not required for farm or agricultural workers in South Dakota. Adding an endorsement for farmworkers medical payments to your farm insurance policy can protect you from a liability lawsuit if a farmhand is injured while working for you.

Save On Farm Insurance

Our independent agents shop around to find you the best coverage.

Farm Insurance Covers Your Property

From buildings to equipment, you probably have a lot of property located on your many acres of land. Farm insurance can cover this property against many of the hazards you may face as a property owner in the Huron area. Some of the damaging events you are likely to face include fire, hailstorms, high winds, freezing temperatures, and heavy snowfall. 

This area also has a relatively high risk of tornado damage. A few years back, two tornadoes (an F3 and an F4) touched down near the city of Huron, injuring four and causing approximately $5 million in damage. Fortunately, these hazards are covered by your farm insurance. Property that your policy can cover includes:

  • Your farmhouse: If your home is located on your farm or ranch property, your farm insurance policy can provide you with coverage for its structure and contents. In the event that a covered event renders your home uninhabitable, your farm insurance policy can also cover temporary living expenses while repairs are made.
  • Various outbuildings: Your farm insurance can provide you with coverage against damage to the many structures on your farmland, including barns, sheds, garages, silos, and storage units.
  • Equipment and machinery: Damaging hail and winds can also cause significant damage to your farm equipment. Your policy can cover damage to equipment and machinery such as tractors, plows, cultivators, balers, harvesters, sprinkler systems, sprayers, and more.
  • Other property: You can also get specialized coverage for other farm property such as livestock, feed, and irrigation systems.

Your local independent agent can help you build a farm insurance policy that will provide you with suitable coverage for all of your valuable farm or ranch property.

What Else Can Huron Farm Insurance Cover?

Most farm insurance policies also offer a variety of additional coverage options. This enables you to choose the coverage that makes sense for your particular farm or ranch. Some options include:

  • Equipment breakdown insurance: This is designed to cover the cost of repairing or replacing malfunctioning farm equipment. It can also cover the cost of renting comparable equipment while repairs are made. That way, the normal day-to-day operations on your farm can continue to run smoothly.
  • Farm income insurance: Weather can be unpredictable. If a severe weather event like an early frost, a tornado, or a hailstorm damages your crops, kills your livestock, or renders your farm unworkable, this can result in lower-than-expected profits. In this case, farm income coverage can help to make up the difference.
  • Debris removal insurance: A severe weather event like a windstorm or tornado can cause trees to topple, fencing to break down, and outbuildings to collapse. Debris removal coverage is designed to cover the cost of timely clean up so you can quickly return to your normal farm or ranch operations.

Talk to a local insurance agent near you to learn about these and other coverage options that may be available to you. Your agent can help you determine which coverage types are a good fit for your Huron-area farm.

Why Talk to an Independent Insurance Agent in Huron, SD?

When you work with a local independent agent, you can be certain that you are getting trustworthy advice and supportive guidance from someone who is familiar with the risks faced by farm and ranch owners in the Huron area.  Your agent can help you find a comprehensive policy at a competitive price.

Find an insurance agent in or near Huron to learn more, and you can soon be comparing customized quotes for farm insurance.

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