How We Make Money

How Does Make Money?

Basically, our partners give us money. Most of it goes to creating an awesome, unbiased resource of information for all to enjoy.  It’s important to note that the money they give us doesn’t control or influence what we say. 

Our goal is to keep it real, honest and write and report accordingly. We pair our writers with insurance experts, experienced professionals and industry insiders. We use the info and insight they give us to tell an authentic story. And we follow the truth, no matter where it takes us. 

But, there’s more to this money-making web. Here’s the nitty gritty.

More than 7 million people stop by every year looking for unbiased information about insurance. Insurance companies and insurance agencies pay us a monthly subscription to be visible on our website. 

Our list of what we don’t do to make money:

  • We don’t sell your info
  • We don’t accept gifts for telling someone to buy a certain policy
  • We don’t accept ad dollars from a partner that we don’t think is the best company for our customers

Since we don’t actually make money on the insurance premiums (unlike other companies). We can make sure that we are providing the best info for you. And that my friend, is a beautiful thing.

How Does an Independent Insurance Agent Make Money?

An independent agents’ job is to shop and compare policies from multiple carriers. And when the right coverage is found and purchased, the agent receives a commission. Typically, they’ll also receive a commission every time a policy is renewed. However, commission rates for renewals are often lower than what they received during the initial purchase. 

All of the commission and money they make stays with them. We don’t receive a cut, bonus or any financial incentives for connecting them with a customer. However, we do welcome thank you notes, high-fives and firm handshakes.

More Info on Independent Agents 

How Does an Insurance Carrier Make Money?

Basically, an insurance carrier makes money by selling policies and collecting premiums monthly or annually. The money from the premiums will usually be invested. This collects interest and is added to the surplus that’s needed to payout claims.

Just like with independent agents, we don’t receive a cut, bonus or any financial incentives for insurance policies sold.