Massachusetts Hurricane Insurance

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Hurricanes, even if they do not make landfall on the Massachusetts coastline, can wreak havoc in this state. With water temperatures in the Atlantic Ocean rising, hurricanes could happen more frequently in this country. Wind gusts and heavy rainfalls from tropical storms can cause expensive damage to homes. You can protect your finances by securing your property with a Massachusetts hurricane insurance policy.

An independent insurance agent in our network can help you determine your risk of hurricane damage and your coverage needs. By using their relationships with several different insurance companies, member agents can provide a variety of competitively priced policies to review. Find a member agent in your neighborhood to review Massachusetts hurricane insurance quotes.


Save on Hurricane Insurance

Our independent agents shop around to find you the best coverage.

Recent Hurricanes that Caused Damage in Massachusetts

  • Hurricane Sandy
  • Hurricane Irene
  • Hurricane Earl
  • Hurricane Bill
  • Hurricane Noel

What Is Hurricane Insurance?

A typical homeowners insurance policy may not cover damages caused by hurricanes. In order to obtain coverage for these storms, you may need to purchase a supplemental policy known as hurricane insurance. Most mortgage lenders will require homeowners with properties along the Atlantic coastline to carry hurricane insurance along with homeowners insurance policies.

What Does Massachusetts Hurricane Insurance Cover?

Hurricane insurance covers wind-related damage caused by hurricanes, tropical cyclones, and tropical storms. It will cover damages caused by wind such as falling trees and flying debris. If wind gusts damage your roof or windows and this causes water to enter your home from above, your policy can provide coverage for the resulting damage. However, hurricanes often result in flooding as well. Hurricane insurance will not cover damage caused by hurricane-related flooding. To be covered for rising waters, you will also need to purchase flood insurance through the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP). An agent can provide more information about flood insurance and help you secure a policy.


Save on Hurricane Insurance

Our independent agents shop around to find you the best coverage.

New England Hurricane and Tropical Storm Statistics

  • 49 tropical cyclones have caused damages in New England since 1900
  • Of these, 25 were hurricanes and 18 were tropical storms
  • 9 hurricanes made landfall directly along the New England coast
  • Milton, MA experienced 5 solid minutes of 121 mph wind and the strongest wind gust ever recorded, 186 mph, in the Great New England Hurricane of 1938

Is Hurricane Insurance Expensive?

The price of hurricane insurance has a wide range depending on where your home is located and how much insurance coverage you need. Those with homes along the coast will usually pay more for coverage than those who have property located inland. While you may pay more than $100 per month for this coverage, this cost is far lower than what you might lose if hurricane force winds destroy your home.

How to Find the Best Massachusetts Hurricane Insurance Policy

Be sure to compare at least three policy quotes before deciding on which provider to purchase insurance from. This allows you to be certain that you are getting your policy at the best possible rate. An agent can simplify this process by doing your hurricane insurance comparison shopping for you. A local member agent can do more than just help you find a Massachusetts hurricane insurance policy. Your agent can help you with all your insurance-related needs and will even advocate for you during the claims process. 

Find an agent in your neighborhood and start comparing Massachusetts hurricane insurance quotes today.

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