Does Flood Insurance Cover Hurricanes?

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Written by Ashley Surinak
Written by Ashley Surinak

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Q: Does Flood Insurance Cover Hurricanes?

A: This is a great question and it requires diving into different types of insurance coverage. By doing so, you'll understand what each covers and, more importantly, what it doesn't cover.

The first thing to understand is that hurricanes can bring two problems that are not covered by your homeowners insurance policy: 

  • Flooding: As a general rule, homeowners insurance never covers any kind of flooding. You'll need to purchase a separate flood insurance policy for this coverage.
  • Wind: Homeowners policies cover wind damage, but may not cover wind damage from specialized storms, like hurricanes. This is especially true in states that are prone to hurricanes. Check your policy before purchasing additional coverage, but know that this is generally how hurricane wind damage coverage works.

Now as for what matters for this article: flood insurance. It covers flooding caused by hurricanes. However, it's important to note that flood insurance policies also have limits. Many of these exclusions won't apply in a hurricane-related claim, but may include:

  • Water from inside the home (i.e., from a plumbing malfunction)
  • Swimming pools and landscaping
  • Living and/or business expenses affected by flooding

Keep in mind that the cost of flood insurance is likely to be higher if you live in a hurricane-prone area, especially if you live close to any major bodies of water. Your independent agent can help evaluate these costs and offer a better idea on pricing for your flood insurance policy.

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