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A Health Insurance Comparison Can Help You Find the Best Plan

Doing a health insurance comparison can help you find the best healthcare plan for you. Just like shopping for consumer goods, shopping for the best health plan will help you find the best price and quality to meet your needs. Comparing the benefits, premiums, co-pays and doctor visit costs associated with several health insurance plans is a great way to find the absolute best coverage plan for you and your family.

But who has that kind of time? One of the best ways to compare health plans is to find an independent agent in the Trusted Choice® network who specializes in health insurance. A member agent can compare multiple healthcare products from several different providers and help you choose the best fit for you.

Trusted Choice vs. Big Brands

The Trusted Choice brand is built on the customer focused integrity of more than 300,000 business owners, agents and employees nationwide. With more local insurance agents than State Farm and GEICO, this network of agencies serves more consumers and pays out more claims

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Choose the Best Individual Healthcare Plan

Choosing the best health plan for you can be an overwhelming task. Here are some important tips and considerations as you compare health coverage options:

  • Compare several plans, including premiums, co-pays, drug costs and hospitalization costs.
  • Note that the lowest premium rate may not be the cheapest policy overall.
  • Even the best policy with the best coverage can have important “fine print.”
  • Buy only the benefits you need. Do not overbuy.
  • If you have a favorite healthcare professional, shop for a health plan and network that includes that physician.
  • Make sure your plan will cover your medications.
  • Check for limitations of services and coverage.
  • Factor in the needs of your dependents.
  • Make sure you can continue your health insurance benefits even when your marital, job or life status changes.

What Is the Best Health Insurance Plan for You?

Performing a comprehensive health insurance comparison can be challenging and time consuming, especially since no two plans are alike. In other words, it is nearly impossible to compare “apples to apples.”

The best health insurance is likely to be one that provides you and your family with the best regular health services, offers choice in physicians, and spares you from the high costs of medical care in the event that you or one of your family members is sick or injured.

Here are some tips for getting started:

  1. Make a list of regular care you and your family will need,
  2. List any upcoming anticipated medical events, such as having a baby or getting certain tests done.
  3. Then make a list of potential unexpected healthcare needs, such as injuries and major illnesses.
  4. Find out how all of these costs are managed within the plan you are considering. For example, what happens in the event of an emergency room visit, an emergency appendectomy or an ambulance ride?

To find the best health insurance for your needs, compare the costs of these different events, and review all materials from the various healthcare plans you are considering. Also be sure to determine whether any preferred practitioners, clinics or hospitals are covered under each plan you compare. To get help performing these healthcare plan comparisons, work with an independent agent who can help you compare multiple plans side by side and review the ratings of the doctors in the network.

How an Independent Agent Compares the Best Rates

When it comes to completing a thorough health insurance comparison, your best bet is to work with an independent insurance agent in the Trusted Choice network who specializes in health insurance. Unlike captive agents who provide the coverage products of one insurance company, independent insurance agents do not sell any one company’s products and services. Because they work with multiple insurers, independent agents are skilled at comparing products and helping you find the best rates and options.

Many people start their search for healthcare insurance online today, but when they need to fully compare multiple health insurance plans, they find an independent agent to be the best resource. A local independent agent, right in your area, can learn about your healthcare needs, shop for the right coverage on your behalf and provide options from the best companies with the best prices and ratings.

Your local independent Trusted Choice member agent will know which insurance companies have the best reputation for delivering services and paying claims. Contact a member agent today for personalized assistance.

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