Top 10 Halloween Safety Tips from Trusted Choice®

Trusted Choice | October 30, 2013
Mother and kids enjoying Halloween

Trusted Choice® agents and consumers offer the best safety practices for families during Halloween.

Halloween is just around the corner, and many people may not realize how frightening this spooky night could really be for their personal safety, property or bank accounts. Earlier this month, we collaborated with consumers to help Trusted Choice® independent insurance agents identify the Top 10 Halloween Safety Tips that keep families safe:

Tip #6: Hear and be heard

Make sure your hearing isn’t impaired with cumbersome costumes or ear buds. Be alert to the sounds of moving vehicles, other groups of pedestrians and bicyclists.

Tip #5: Take an alternative route.

Going door-to-door isn’t always the safest option. Trusted Choice® customer Sharon suggests going to a local church or community center to take part in costume parties. She also suggests hosting your own “Trunk or Treat” event, in which parents park their cars at a designated location and their children go from car to car for candy.

If you must go door-to-door, Gloria advises parents to go with their children, and Diana advises you take your children only to the homes of people you know.

Tip #4: Prevent fires.

Make sure pumpkins containing candles are placed at a distance, to avoid a child’s costume igniting or a curious guest tipping it over. Extinguish all candles before going to bed, and consider using battery-operated lights wherever possible.

Tip #3: Don’t keep the ingredients to yourself!

An allergic reaction and trip to the hospital is definitely not how a parent wants to end Halloween night. Trusted Choice® customer Jack suggests avoiding treats that contain peanuts, while Catherine proposes using bags to individually wrap your candy and including a note with your name and address. In the event that the candy ends up being contaminated, your candy can be easily separated from the others.

Tip #2: Don’t be a scary driver!

Drive sober, slowly and even more carefully than usual on Halloween. Watch for children who may be running or wearing dark costumes in the road.

Also, a little-known fact is that Halloween night marks an increase in car vandalism incidents. “Tricks” are at an all-time high this night, and the make, model and color of your car can draw more attention from pranksters. If you can park your car in a garage or secure place, do so. If you don’t have a garage, park in a well-lit area and invest in a good car alarm.

Tip # 1: Let Dad be the “candy inspector.”

Trusted Choice® consumers Niki and Alice shared that their dads used to make sure their candy was safe by picking the best pieces for themselves and eating them—smart move, Dad! In all seriousness, make sure you are inspecting all treats, and never let your children eat unwrapped items. Many local police departments offer candy x-ray and inspection services, so check with your precinct for more details.

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